injector metering rail 1 pressure cummins code 559
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Injector metering rail 1 pressure cummins code 559 doctors that accept amerigroup nj

Injector metering rail 1 pressure cummins code 559

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Pressure rail injector code 1 559 cummins metering 5.9 cummins 100hp injectors

Injector metering rail 1 pressure cummins code 559 Wiring Diagrams. Modify 7hp go-kart engine. I test drove the truck while connected to Insite and noticed that at WOT when the commanded fuel PSI is 20K the measured pressure will drop below 3K and the truck accelerates like you're pissing in the wind. Hope this is helpful,I know I've been down the wrong hole from time to time. Causes of this fault include:. Preventative maintenance is important, keep your Https:// reservoir tank clean and test your fluid. Inuector months ago I was at cummins and the repair kit for was was not available.
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Accenture associate director salary Injector metering rail 1 pressure cummins code Conditions for Running the Diagnostics This diagnostic runs continuously when the engine is operating. If fuel inlet restriction is not excessive, the source of air entry can be link to one of the following:. Hello guys I am new here, I just got my See more this Discussion. I'm getting a code "Injector Metering Rail Pressure 1".

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Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Regional Truck Driving. Dedicated Trucking. Tanker Driver. Solo Truck Driving. Local Truck Driving. Team Truck Driving. No Experience Truck Driving. Experienced Truck Driving. OTR Trucking. Intermodal Driver. Hazmat Driver. May 29, 1. Hey guys and gals! I'm just starting this for info to anyone else who runs into this problem.

I've got a Cummins ISX hp in a I was pulling doubles outta a Fedex station. It was heavy, with a degree onramp to a upgrade. All was well until the engine boost went from the normal 39 psi to My first reaction was that I was running outta fuel, but I still had gals. It caught again, ran, then stuttered again. I got over the set of hills and got moving. Didn't feel it again, but then I didn't have the same situation that night.

I got ahold of my mechanic, who is a certified cummins technician, and we hashed it out. He came by and plugged the truck in, looking for codes. This code came up, among others, but they weren't the issue. I ran that night without resolving the issues and it was worse that night. I called him back and said I really need this taken care of. He checked and I had 5 codes the first night, but the next night it was like He checked the fuel pressure while the engine is off, that was good, checked everything else and the only it came down to was a bad fuel pump.

So I said ok, get another pump. It was saying how the old pump had ceramic pieces in it that would break and go throughout your fuel system since the pump is down stream of all the filters.

The new pump was in in a day and I was running again. He also did a valve adjustment to the engine when he heard air chuffing through my air cleaners while it was running.

That night it ran better, but not as good. It still had the problem of derating. Weelllll, I had ordered a fuel separator with my oil filter and fuel filter during my first oil change. But what they gave me was my antifreeze filter. The pump would have had to be replaced eventually, but not then. I try to justify it by saying at least I replaced it before it shed parts into my fuel system. My mech opened the pump up and the cylinder walls showed scoring from the pistons.

So, it was on its way out. My old pump was at The new pump is at If necessary, calibrate the ECM again. This will help identify a potential system voltage issue. The procedures referred to in this troubleshooting tree will also have checks for engine no start conditions. Before servicing any fuel system components, such as fuel lines, fuel pump, injectors, etc. Dirt or contaminants can be introduced into the fuel system and engine if the surrounding areas are not cleaned, resulting in damage to the fuel system and engine.

If Fault Code is inactive and there are no existing performance complaints, it is possible that the vehicle was run out of fuel or that the fault came active if the engine was not primed following fuel filter replacement. Clear the inactive fault code. Fault Code sets when the engine is running and measured rail fuel pressure remains at least Bar [ psi] less than commanded pressure.

Once detected, Fault Code will remain active until the engine is turned off or until the measured rail fuel pressure matches the commanded rail fuel pressure. When a condition exists that causes Fault Code to become active, it is typical for the fault code to become active when the engine is heavily loaded and become inactive when the engine is lightly loaded.

When Fault Code occurs, the fuel system has lost its ability to maintain rail fuel pressure. A few bubbles exiting the line during the test is expected. A foamy appearance is an indication of a leak that allows air to enter, a severe inlet restriction that causes cavitation, or a system that is not yet primed. If fuel inlet restriction is not excessive, the source of air entry could be isolated to one of the following: suction fuel lines, OEM fuel lines, suctionside fuel filter assemblies, or stand-pipe s in the fuel tank s.

The fuel rail pressure sensor can be checked. When checking the fuel rail pressure sensor accuracy, make sure the highpressure fuel rail is not pressurized. The fuel pump, high-pressure fuel lines, and fuel rail contain very high-pressure fuel. Do not loosen any fittings while the engine is running. Wait at least 10 minutes after shutting down the engine before loosening any fittings in the high-pressure fuel system, to allow the pressure to decrease to a lower level.

There could be a significant amount of time waiting on the rail to depressurize completely to 0. It could be necessary to manually relieve the pressure from the high pressure fuel rail. If the engine is running with an active Fault Code and Fault Codes , , or are not present, check the ECM power supply for intermittent connections or battery issues. Fault Code can also be active if this fault condition exits.

The fault code must be active for any of the outlined procedures in which the engine is operated during the test. For engines with high counts of inactive Fault Code or if the troubleshooting tree has been exhausted, operate the engine on a chassis dynamometer or a diagnostic road test to duplicate the fault code. The most common causes of intermittent Fault Code that are difficult to create are leaking high-pressure connectors that only leak when the engine and the fuel are hot, intermittent fuel supply restrictions such as debris floating in the fuel tank, and a fuel pressure relief valve that opens prematurely.

Operate the engine on a chassis dynamometer or conduct a diagnostic road test to duplicate the fault code. The engine control module ECM has detected that fuel pressure is lower than commanded pressure.

Circuit Description: The pressure control loop relies on fuel pressure supplied to the high-pressure pump by the fuel gear pump. The ECM monitors rail fuel pressure and engine operating conditions and changes the flow command to maintain the proper rail fuel pressure. Changes to the flow command result in opening or closing of the fuel pump actuator to supply more or less fuel to the high-pressure pump.

Component Location: Use the following procedure for a detailed component location view. Conditions for Setting the Fault Codes: The ECM has detected the measured fuel rail pressure is below the commanded fuel rail pressure by at least bar [ psi] for 7 seconds. Shop Talk: The fuel system is designed to run on clean fuel. It has two fuel filters to maintain this cleanliness.

Carelessness in handling and storage of fuel system components during the repair can subject the precision components to damaging debris.

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