humane society in bangor maine
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To browse current career opportunities at our hospitals, medical offices and corporate offices, use the advanced search option above. Namespaces Article Talk. Charles Medical Center — Madras St. Adventist Health is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to apply for any position s avventist interest. Walla Walla University School of Nursing. In the mids it was determined that expansion and relocation was again necessary.

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Humane society in bangor maine

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I believe the staff is nice and patient. The process of adoption is easy, fast, and efficient. From what I see, the animals seem to be well treated, happy, and clean! I love what they do. They keep it nice and clean in there. They are great with the animals. It's a great place to volunteer or find a fur baby. This shelter is a great place to find a new furry or sometimes no furry pet to add to your family.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I've got 3 kittens from them over many years, and every time I do, it's a great experience. Amazing people that are friendly and care about animals. They actually want the animals to go to a good home and treat each one as though it was their own.

The best pets are rescue pets anyway! Very friendly staff. They helped me adopt my beautiful cat, Casper! I would definitely go back and adopt all the animals I wanted, but that's obviously not realistic. The animals were in good shape and clean. Will you adopt one of them? Oh, back to telling you a little about me. I love kids and I get along great with other dogs. I even get along with chickens and other livestock. I love it there. We are some really great dogs. We are all doing the same thing — we are waiting to be adopted.

We are sisters. We are eight months old and weigh around forty pounds. Hi, I am Lily. We are all very sweet and love to play but we do need some training. We are all still very much puppy like.

These dogs were used to donate blood to other dogs during surgical procedures. Charlie would be proud that he rescued them because things would not have ended well for them otherwise. Wow are we glad to get out of there! They kept us in cages unless they wanted our blood. They took so much that sometimes I felt weak afterwards. I know I am speaking for all of us when we say how happy we will be to be adopted. He is five years old and weighs forty five pounds.

Did you know that Scruffy and I came from the same house? So are my sisters Zoe and Chloe. Will it be yours? I am very friendly with everyone. I would love to have a family of my very own. Can I be a part of your family? Yeah, Eight dwarfs. So what? I can have as many dwarfs as I want, right? The exciting news is we are all coming to Maine! We are going to be adopted!

Wait a minute. I want to make sure that all my little dwarfs get adopted, so please step up and adopt one, OK. Our new addition Clara aka Azure is loving her new life here in Lincolnville and her new friend Trigger is in love.

My thirteen year old dog had passed away the month before. I renamed him. Bud Lite. Bud because he is my Buddy and Lite because he is the Lite of my life. I am some what of a hermit, but Buddy gets me out walking everyday. We have met many wonderful people and other dogs on our walks. PLEASE keep up the good work you are doing both for the dogs and the families that are fortunate enough to adopt them. Because when you shop at smile. It costs you nothing. Just go to Smile. Home Donate Adopt Foster Volunteer.

Want to Volunteer? Volunteer Application What is a Foster? Foster Application Resources. If the person changes their mind or backs out, we will contact the person next in line for that dog.

Want to reserve your own? Just fill out an Adoption Application. Here's Charlie. Will you help rescue his friends? Adoption Form. Adoption Fee. Please Donate. Charlie's Friends. Meet Charlie. This dog rescue organization is named after me.

Will you help me save my friends? Save a life. Adopt one of my friends. Lets go! Can you please hurry? My friends are waiting! Is it OK if I drive? Charlie died on May 1st, We miss him terribly. Donate to Charlie's Rescue Building. Meet Charlie's Friends.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Scroll down to see the available dogs and puppies! Most are here now just waiting for you! Summer is a female Beagle mix. She is eleven months old and weighs about forty pounds. Adopt Summer. Rhett is a male Cattle Dog mix. He is one year old and weighs about twenty five pounds.

So how about it? Adopt Rhett. Blue is a male Blue Heeler mix. He is two or three years old and weighs about forty pounds. One more thing — I like to play with other dogs but not if they are bossy. Adopt Blue. The Game of Thrones Crew. Do you think we can live inside? Adopt Cersei. Daenerys I'm a Girl. I hope I get adopted before her. Adopt Daenerys. Tyrion - I'm a Boy. Do I look sad? Well guess what Sherlock, come and sit in this crate for a couple of days and see how YOU feel.

Adopt Tyrion. Sansa - I'm a Girl. Adopt Sansa. Joffrey - I'm a boy. Adopt Joffrey. Bran - I'm a Boy. Adopt Bran. The Simpsons. Shih Tzu mix Puppies, just eight weeks old. Four boys and two girls. Marge - I'm a Girl. Adopt Marge. Lisa - I'm a Girl. Why are you looking at me like that? Did I do something wrong? Adopt Lisa. Adopt Flander. Ned - I'm a Boy. Adopt Ned. Homer - I'm a Boy. Adopt Homer. Bart - I'm a Boy.

Adopt Bart. Bluto and Popeye. Bluto and Popeye are six month old Bully mixes. Popeye and Bluto. Adopt Popeye. We are Popeye and Bluto and we hope to be adopted when we get to Maine!

Adopt Bluto. The New York Crew. Eleven week old Shepherd mixes. Two Girls and three Boys. Adopt Queens. Adopt Manhatten. Adopt Bronx. Staten - I'm a boy. Adopt Staten. Adopt Brooklyn. Gremlin is a male eight week old Pittie mix. Are you the one? Adopt Gremlin. James, Dean and John. Three brothers! They are approximately ten month old Terrier mixes. Adopt John. Adopt Dean. Adopt James. The Birds. Skylark - I'm a girl. Do you? Would you like to adopt me? Adopt Skylark. Falcon - I'm a girl.

Adopt Falcon. Eagle - I'm a girl. Adopt Eagle. Toucan - I'm a boy. My brother and sisters and me love to be cuddled and play. Adopt Toucan. Hawk - I'm a boy. Adopt Hawk. Chickadee - I'm a girl. Adopt Chickadee. Hi there, My name is Fanny and I would love to come to Maine and live with you! I am very sweet, love to play and cuddle. I love other dogs and people.

Adopt Fanny. Poker Face. Hi I am Poker face, I lived with Fanny on the same farm. They call me poker Face because i Bluffed a pro off his winning paw. Adopt Poker Face. Moo is a male Bulldog mix.