conduent tallahassee fl not letting employees go for the hurricane
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To browse current career opportunities at our hospitals, medical offices and corporate offices, use the advanced search option above. Namespaces Article Talk. Charles Medical Center — Madras St. Adventist Health is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to apply for any position s avventist interest. Walla Walla University School of Nursing. In the mids it was determined that expansion and relocation was again necessary.

Conduent tallahassee fl not letting employees go for the hurricane indeed adventist health

Conduent tallahassee fl not letting employees go for the hurricane

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Pros free lunches 1st week in Louisville, KY. The culture at Humana was very over bearing and hard to understand. It seem the training was fast, therefore a lot of understanding the job was hard. We spent 2 weeks in training for about a 5 year experience employee. A lot of the training was who every was available to train at the moment. A lot of the veteran employees where not helpful or they made you feel as if you are bothering them.

As a new Agent in Agent support there was a lot of unexplained questions that was not given in training, therefore you picked up what you could, and took short cuts.

This seem to work and helped you get through the day. You have to do lot in 7 minutes and you will be graded on calls and take points off if you make a mistake. The employee culture was un-friendly employees, unhappy employees, and a lot clicks.

The front ends supervisor have their favorites so they cater to them. AEP-open enrollment is very fast pace and busy so the time you take breaks you have to re group and try to get back into the mental of things.

The front-ends sit in their office and rarely come out, support, hate to answer questions, and you always had to send a Email even if they are in reach of your desk. I did not enjoy working in Agent Support, and felt that because I was part time. We was treated second hand, had to work late even if we was still new, and was not included in special events.

I also felt that they did not appreciate me while I was there. It was nerve wrecking, stressful, and a very bad hostile pla Pros The pay, perks with free pizza, t shirts.

Cons Very young in experience management team with no people skills, lots of clicks, gossip, and unexpected change because the department has a lot of turn over. Customer Service Representative Arizona Apr 11, Let me start out by saying that I worked for C 3, which is a third party slave center. I worked for humana Pharmacy, enrollment, billing, tech support, and Over the counter team. I was only making 10,50 to start then went up a whole. I was so stressed out at the end with a massive anxiety disorder that I could barely function.

The training was non existant. They finally trained some of us on the main system and it was a complete joke. They stated that my manager or lack there of was having a baby and she moved me to the worst supervisor in the company. My supervisor was gone for over 3 months with some sort of issue and the new sup finally advised of me being on the new team.

Through those months I had no guidance and no stat reports barely. I worked for WAH after spending 4 months in the old center. They said they would pay our internet then denied to pay it after 2 months. I realized I had been doing so many processes wrong from this supervisor but had been doing them for so long without guidance. It was hard to correct issues. I was getting wonderful scores and she still hated me. At the end she made up so many lies to get me fired.

I ended up leaving. I had over 80 hours of vacation after 1 yr but then they stole our time and gave us only 50 hours. If you try and tell HR anything which she is a complete joke, they do nothing. They dont even respond. I am so wounded by the actions of this company, it makes me unable to look at Pros Getting to go home. Cons Lazy mean sups, bad connections, and non existent hr.

Mbrs are mostly rude also. They push "Perfect Customer Service" but what they forget is that it starts with each and every employee.. They stress quality, but what they fail to realize is quality takes T-I -M-E and they aren't willing to give the employee adequate time to do their jobs with each individual member.

If one of your members needs extra time and you do the "right thing" by them and spend the extra time they need, and get behind and don't reach your quota- watch out! The metrics are not based on your work ethic or by how well you care for your members and teach them, but on whether the person picks up the phone and talks with you or not. They forget these people that we're calling are retired and aren't going to Pros work from home after 6 mos, benefits from day one..

Cons totally unrealistic goals, expectations and metrics. Humana is an amazing company with the best benefits, including K I have seen in a long time. Humana thrives on being a Wellness company and wants every employee to be their best mentally and physically while thriving to achieve the success each employee desires. That philosophy DOES happen within this company, just not in the department I work in due to the manager. I would love to continue to work for this company until retirement, again, just not for this manager.

The only joy in this management team is the Front Line Lead that has a heart of gold. Unfortunately, the turn around for this regional department is quite high. It is a quiet area. Other departments are often heard laughing and eating together, enjoying their coworkers. The hardest part of this job is that there is no manual here for new hires.

The guidelines are constantly changing within the department, often without notice for some coding scenarios.

There was very little training when hired, which is a negative for people coming in that have little to no experience with HCC coding versus standard medical office coding. Again, this is not the case for entire MRA division, just this specific regional department.

Pros 7 hours of accruing PTO per pay period, Fantastic K, Dental plan is one of the best around, Rewarded for staying physically active through the use of a pedometor. Cons Poor management, Sedentary during your entire office day. Extensive qualification in Information system methodology from conceptual design through document, implementation, user training quality review and enhancement. Specifications documenting business processes and translating them to functional specifications. A typical day at work was answering phones then after a while, you can work back end production queues.

When I was there, everyone was sick, all the time, as the building environment was "sick". One of their core values is health and wellbeing - I saw neither in practice there. If you are considering working there - I think you could do better, almost anywhere Humana, I know you can do better. One of the criteria for managing people seems to be that whoever can "hang in there" the longest gets promoted.

There is no attention paid to those who abuse and disrespect their people. Managers seem to do whatever they want and get away with it.

My experience was that there are a number of managers there that do nothing for their people's development. They are interested only in the status quo. They are definitely not interested in improving the lot of anybody working for them, or taking care of people that are on the front lines doing the work.

Culture: I be Clinical Louisville, KY Mar 6, Company misclassified ee as exempt salaried dumps the job of 2 full time employees on people refuses to pay overtime even if you are forced to file lawsuit works ees to the point of chronic illness and near death, refuses to pay disability, etc. Humana management believes they are above the law and violates every federal employment law. When information is brought to their attention HR will turn blind eye and ignore complaint and blame complaining ee for everything management did.

Management is beyond abusive, creates a severe hostile environment that is intolerable to work in. If you try to hold onto your job, their abuse will increase to another level. And due to all the overtime and abusive work environment it becomes a dangerous situation, so dangerous you are afraid and 2 sick to return. So abusive, even your doctor will say no you can not return. Of those, nearly all came from road builders, contractors and engineers who sent their endorsements via personal email addresses without disclosing their employers.

To Floridians? Who knows. Nearly all of the employees directed their positive reviews to the email address the Department of Transportation created to receive public feedback on the road projects, which were hotly contested this legislative session. Petersburg office, according to his LinkedIn account. Johnson did not write in from his HNTB account or disclose that he was an HNTB employee, choosing instead to identify himself as the president of a gun store he appears to own.

Nearly every other HNTB employee who wrote in repeated identical talking points, and all sent their comments in within a few hours of each other.

Most commented from their personal email addresses, but one identified herself as a University of South Florida student. Their emails to the department underscore the lack of non-corporate grassroots support for a project that was sold by supporters as having wide public support and tangible benefits for the communities where they are proposed to be built.

Several environmental groups that fear the roads will erode ecosystems and habitat have already lodged protests. Galvano said he heard about the roads idea during a pitch by the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Transportation Builders Association. Rick Scott to be Department of Transportation Secretary in Prasad left the state job in , then spent two more years with HNTB before leading the road builders association.

So Galvano took the rare step of having the Legislature pass a bill setting the stage for the creation of the roads, although no one possessed studies showing the roads were needed or feasible. He said the projects would relieve congestion, provide crucial new hurricane evacuation routes and boost the economies in some of the most economically depressed — yet environmentally sensitive — parts of the state.

Technically, the roads are not a done deal. They still must go through environmental and financial reviews, and three task forces, one for each potential road, will spend the next year drafting recommendations on what the roads should look like. More than people wrote to the state in August that they disliked the roads, compared to just 24 people writing in support. This is something that Sen.

Galvano and his allies decided to shove down the throats of Florida taxpayers. Many of the people opposed to the roads live in the areas Galvano and the Chamber of Commerce say will benefit economically.

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WebDec 23,  · When the state announced Conduent the winner, two competing companies protested, noting that the state violated its own contracting policies. The then-secretary . WebWhen you join Conduent, you are engaged in creating the future – both our company’s and your own. Our people are united in their passion to make a positive difference – within . WebWant more information about Conduent’s business or solutions? See below for sales and support contact options. Toggle Main Menu. Country Selector. North America. United .