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To browse current career opportunities at our hospitals, medical offices and corporate offices, use the advanced search option above. Namespaces Article Talk. Charles Medical Center — Madras St. Adventist Health is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to apply for any position s avventist interest. Walla Walla University School of Nursing. In the mids it was determined that expansion and relocation was again necessary.

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They have four wonderfulgrandchildren. Their home is on a bike trail thatgoes up to Pennsylvania so Martha is biking constantly. They also enjoy the Delaware seashoreand trips to Ireland. Carol Moore White enjoysvolunteering, visits with children and grandchildrenfrequently, and has joined the Red Hats.

Dawn Baehr Freedman her family still loves livingin Tucson, Ariz. Traveling, bridge, and swimmingkeep them busy and enjoying new friends. Sara Lea Callaway Redmon tells us she isstill playing bridge, teaching Sunday schooland is involved with her young granddaughter,.

Winter 20 05 Hood Magazine 29Bridget. Thanks to all who have responded withnews for the Hood Magazine, Maggie. Annapolis, MD h Please see story on page 31 fromget-together last summer, as writtenby Audrey Heyman Rooney. They enjoyed a great vacation in Rome in Sept. She was a special littlegirl and touched many lives during her 11 years. I added on to my house two years ago, retiredand am here to stay. I am still working occasionallyas a nurse practitioner, busy with church,friends, traveling and gardening, and have gottenvery involved in our Baltimore Presbytery missionto Guatemala.

Please send me your news so thatI can produce a long and informative columnnext issue! State College , PA lmorrow psu. This Feb. Susan ShinnickHossfeld and Carl recently moved to a newhome in Baltimore.

Marvia says she hasfive granddaughters and not a grandson in sight. Bobbi and Bob drive their RV all over the U. Jean spent the summerat her home in Boothbay Harbor, Maine,where she enjoyed visits with Hood friends,grandchildren and others in the Golden clan.

Jan Zwinck Morrisonand Steve have a summer home nearby so theyget together often. Caroline Fischer Gilesand Brian are newly retired. Mary Alice ChieppoWolf is a professor of human developmentgerontology at St. Joseph College in WestHartford, Conn.

Sue Williams Ludden retiredfrom teaching elementary school art. Johncontinues to work at Tufts Medical School asthe director of the M. Ann Holmes Flatt and her family reached someimpressive summits on their Aug.

Ann sings with the WorcesterChorus, serves on the board of her local apartmentsfor the elderly and handicapped anddoes some occasional elementary school subbing. Debbie Patterson Clark sings with threedifferent choruses from Sept. Duringthe summer, she participates in a choral symposiumin Lyman, N. Lillian and Dave tooktheir four children and their families 14 in all to Hawaii to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Pam and Walt enjoy seeingtheir Navy submarine friends and traveling todestinations as varied as the Pacific Northwest,Paris and Ireland. Margaret Jones took earlyretirement from Hewlett-Packard in andnow has a small management consulting practice. After years of business travel, she is enjoyinggetting reacquainted with her home and northernCalifornia. Tomjoined her in retirement and they moved to theirformer weekend home in Vista, Calif. Liz Decker Rogers is a medical socialworker and Bill is an instructor for CaliforniaMaritime Academy, part of the state college system.

I lovedmy time in the small insular community, raisedtwo children, and did fulfilling work. However, in I left, to marry the love of my life and beginanew in Santa Maria on the central coast inCalifornia. Charles and I had nine terrific yearstogether before he succumbed to cancer. Familyand friends have been a great support, whichleads me to say that it was lovely to have a goodvisit with Bunny Burn Scott last summer whenour family gathered in Cape May.

Her congregationand church suffered some losses, and sobegan the third year of her third career as aUnitarian Universalist minister. Durham, NC bfish2 nc. Betsy Beachley Winger and her husband areretired traveling. They are alsobuilding a home in Leesburg, Fla. After teaching first grade for many years,Barbara Betke Krajewski retired and looksforward to enjoying Phoenix in non-summermonths. Having recently had eye surgery,Lynn Byers Gorz has a bright new outlook onlife without glasses.

Carol stillworks as an elementary school librarian, butKathy retired from teaching several years ago. Peter and Ruth Fredericks Frey celebrated their40th wedding anniversary in Sept. Notification of a birth or adoptioncan be made to hoodmagcnews hood. If you wish to receive a dink, pleasenote this in your e-mail or in thecomment field of the update form. Scottie HansbroughSneckenberger and husband Ed vacationedin Panama.

They are both busily retired andserve the community and their church. A familygathering at the beach in Connecticut helpedFred and Doris Harwood Sabin celebrate their40th anniversary. Fred is retired, but Doris continuesto teach three or four courses each semesterin nutrition as an adjunct at Raritan ValleyCommunity College and in the practical nursingprogram at the county technology institute.

Barbi has just finished the textfor a history of the year-old Navy-MarineCorps Relief Society, the organization from whichshe retired three years ago. She alsowent to Disney World with daughter Lynn andfamily. Jim and Marylou Herrmann Foley havebecome grandparents. Travel is always a big partof their lives. After teaching English for 18 yearsat Waubonsee Community College , Ruth KaiserPort retired into a second career as a files supervisorfor student teachers at Aurora Univ.

Sherry owns a business that sells personalizedpapers on the Web at valuedconnections. Jon and Judie Kip Davis will soon move toGermany to be near their son, daughter-in-law,and month-old granddaughter. Congratulations to Melanie Lathrop Hoffman,who was recently promoted to supervisor ofpsychological services for Frederick County PublicSchools.

The Hoffmans enjoy traveling andrecently went to Alaska. A garden party helpedCharlie and Marcia Lerner Moylan celebratetheir 40th anniversary.

Special guests were Larryand Carole Cox Tibbitts. Marcia is still veryactive in the antiques business. After living innorthwest New Jersey for 30 years, Diane McKayNuner and her husband retired, then spent ayear in their RV seeking the ideal place to live.

They are now happily settled in Deming, N. Jeene Neel Devane works as a social scienceresearcher for the Univ. A year ago,Gayle Reed had a poetry reading and made ado-it-yourself scapbook. For more information,contact the Office of Annual Fundsat Anotherpair of retirees, Henry and Chris SantangeloBlenke, also enjoys travel—Florida and Greecemost recently—and babysitting their grandchildren.

She recently visited Betsey Benson inGeorgia and reports that Betsey is also retired,enjoying time with her grandchildren, and looksfantastic. Petersburg, Russia in June. Carol Smith Mills andhusband Ott are both enjoying semi-retirement. Carol works in the local hospital with animalassistedtherapy. They both enjoy traveling, especiallybarging in France. Carol and Ott often seeKay Rose Oram and her husband Tom, who aredoing well and are new grandparents. JudySmith, Editor of Univ.

Bulletins at Duke for thepast 20 years, has plans to retire eventually andteach English abroad. Still practicing telecommunicationslaw with the D. Dick andJanet Stephan Greene moved permanently totheir vacation home in the Thousand Islandsabout two years ago.

Still living in RedondoBeach, Calif. Using all of her social workskills, she is learning to live with the disease andhas started a local support group.

While eastcoast residents worried about the hurricanes,Sue Stoeckle Binetti and her husbandare still dealing with the after effects of floodingfrom Isabel in Pam Wallace Johnsonretired in after 20 yeas as a sales representativefor Woolrich and immediately threw herselfinto volunteer activities.

Anchorage, AK fax dielbarske alaska. Sheis living in Bellingham, Mass. Sadly, she reports that her sister, who helpedher with the move, passed away shortly afterMartha relocated. Martha is celebrating her 10thanniversary as payroll supervisor for a Caterpillardealership. She and her two daughters, Joanneand Cheryl, traveled to Chile in Nov. Martha Grace Swick writesthat she is retired and enjoying her freedom. Daughter Maggie is now a sophomore in highschool, and older daughter, Nancy, graduatedfrom the University of Missouri in Dec.

Linda James Stewart writes that she journeyedhere to Alaska in the summer of , travelingby ferry, and then kayaking and backpacking.

She and her family have moved just south ofSan Jose, Calif. All four children are married,and she and husband Roger have two grandsons,Rowan and Cody. It was Sarah, and she recognized me after40 years! I was so flattered and shocked.

Afterwe made a little scene, we managed to visit. Sarah now lives in Watsonville, Calif. I bribed Brenda Miller Mains into sendingnews! She e-mailed me as our class agent for theAlumnae Fund, and I told her in a return e-mailthat I would pledge if she would send news!

I would have pledged anyway. Brenda andhusband Dick still work together in his dentalpractice in Rochester, N. They are delightedthat daughter Alison and her husband now liveonly 15 minutes away from them. Alison completedlaw school, served as a JAG officer withthe Navy, and is now a public defender. Dickand Brenda have purchased a home in Ketchum,Ind. Harriet Rudman Weiner writes thatshe worked for the federal government for fiveyears following graduation from Hood , then tooka year hiatus to raise her family.

She has beenback as a full-time employee in the securitiesindustry for about 18 years. Husband Alex isretired, and their two sons are now 32 and Older son Jay has completed a residency in familypractice, along with his wife, Deb. Andy is agraduate of Virginia Law School, working in aWashington law firm. Betty livesin Gainesville, Fla. Soundswonderful, Bonnie.

Pat and husbandRoger live in Leesburg, Va. They became grandparentsfor the third time in April This class, perchedon a cusp of colossal change almost half acentury ago, has found unique ways tostay connected.

Our Holden Beach Partywas only the latest in a long array offeasts, large and small, which included amemorable reunion several years ago.

This time, in six truly halcyon days, wewove new textures into the ties that bind. At our Fortieth reunion, in , wefound ourselves lingering late on Meyranporch. We have decidedon May June 5. I expect to be doingwell by May and will certainly plan nochemo for that week. In spring we started serious planning.

Once roommates were sorted out, we confrontedthe perplexities of how many airmattresses we might need. We named afew Hood non-starters, too. To quote the old Hood song, we camefrom all points on the map: MaryannWhitehead Scherzo, sending a heftycarton of memorabilia ahead, flew fromSeattle to Charlotte where she met AnneKurka Woods, just in from Rochester, toIn the long, lazy daysand nights, as May gaveway to June, we steepedourselves in talk: deep,excellent, and silly by turns.

It was a tonic to chime inand out of conversation,to find, always, a sympatheticear, a ready riposte, andoh, so much fun. Ellen and husband Stu wouldtravel from Tucson, nearly milesround-trip, reporting their progress vialaptop from parks and quaint bywaysacross America. Gretchen Beckhelmwould head north by car from PuntaGorda, Fla. Fletch set aside school boardburdens to drive south from Warrenton,Va. Badluck hit when Grace was hospitalizedwith scoliosis just as the final countdownbegan; when we assembled at theseashore, we would be seven.

Within moments in that airy housewe were girlfriends again. In the long, lazydays and nights, as May gave way to June,we steeped ourselves in talk: deep, excellent,and silly by turns. It was a tonic to chimein and out of conversation, to find, always,a sympathetic ear, a ready riposte, andoh, so much fun. We looked around us to see stilllifes of sandals, sun-hats, and prescriptionbottles. We heard the lilting timbres ofvoices welling up and down the stairs, andsnacked on biscotti from the ShenangoRed Indian plates Panny had located oneBay.

We all had mail. Fletch assigned us big questions. For every one of us, regret had todo with time: not long enough, not inthe right place, at the right moment, orwith the right person. Mostlyour mothers, originals all. We pondered Hood , reminiscence and relevance inequal measure. Reminiscence came easy. Relevance surprised us. Images fromchapel talks, the Princes of Serendip,or that uncertain trumpet we werecautioned not to sound, had figured inour lives at curious and often vital crossroads.

Hardly strangers to the world of todayand still hard at work in it, we know that Hood has had to change in order to staythe same. In each of our several callings,whether education, political action,ecology, social services, religion or thearts, those who lead Hood are lookingfor new ways to keep the old values,community and connectedness chiefamong them, intact.

Conversation has continued in thee-mail afterglow. Our hearts, minds,and hands will always be open to Hood. If not, you should get Inter net actions, an e-mail newslettersent bi-weekly to all alums who have provided e-mail addresses to the Office ofAlumnae and Alumni Programs. The electronic newsletter provides information aboutactivities both on and off campus; achievements and stories about alums, students, andfaculty; and scheduled alum events throughout the country.

Those 25 of us or so who did hada wonderful time catching up and exchangingmemories. Thanks to Sharon Walsh and SueMarano for all they did to make our get-togethersuccessful and fun. It focuses on effectiveclinical strategies for treating survivors of incestand sexual abuse.

Our sympathies to ShirleyWard Watkins, whose husband James has died. In addition to planning our reunion, SharonWalsh writes that she had a relaxed, wonderfulsummer and enjoyed the break from teachingcollege English classes and grading papers. Sheand husband Ron spent as much time as possibleon their sailboat Waveguide, explored some ofthe rivers of the Eastern Shore of Maryland intheir kayaks and did some hiking in Vermont.

They spent several days with four of their fivechildren and some friends in Rehoboth Beachin July. Sharon and Ron are currently planning atrip to Tuscany for this summer and would loveto hear from any classmates who have tips onhotels or restaurants. Kudos to Sandy Deemer,who has received the California teaching credentials,specializing in early childhood education.

Peggy has had a successful interior design businessfor a number of years in Old TownAlexandria. Shehas had an antiques business for a number ofyears. Writing this columndoes have its rewards. I heard from my oldroomie Suz Harden Garcia who wanted news ofthe reunion. Group established for it by Hood. If you are not participating and want to, pleasecontact the Alumnae and Alumni ProgramsOffice for details on how to sign up.

How weuse the Group and how often we use it will bestudied as a test for other classes, so get involved! Edison, NJ kinfuso aol. Despite the prevalenceof electronic communication, the personal touchof telephone yielded more information. DorothyBackus Battaglia taught for 15 years but leftteaching as her family grew.

Her oldest is a graduate of the KennedySchool of Government at Harvard, and her threeyounger girls are in middle and high school. Gail Domans Duffe has been married for almost30 years and works in human resources for atravel service company. She then workedin New York and California in substance abuseresearch. For the past 17 years, she has been aprincipal scientist with a public policy researchcompany in Cambridge, Mass. She has twodaughters; one is a student at Boston University,and the younger is in high school.

Dana wouldlike to hear from her friends at Hood. KathrynGrant Heinen has worked for 23 years as a hospitalmedical director of physical medicine.

Shekeeps in touch with Ann Rechsteiner Phillips. Kathy plans to attend our reunion in June. SallyLottich Thompson is still happily living in Seattle,Wash. After 25 years in Washington, D. Marj plans to teach for a few more years, and herdaughter Sando is a freshman in college. GailSanborn had a variety of jobs in the past 20 years,from social work to interior decorating to runningher own singles dine-out business. For the lastseven years, she has been a purchasing agent fora New Jersey, regional authority.

As a hobby forthe past 12 years, she sewed, painted, and soldshirts at craft shows; both hobby and job keep hervery busy. She still loves living at the New Jersey,shore and would love to hear from Hood alums. Kathleen Zale Myhre and I had anenjoyable conversation. She is in her 33rd yearof teaching but sees retirement in the near future.

Her son is an engineering major at UVA. According to Kathy, Thelmaworks as a real estate appraiser, and Molly, whohas three grown children, has taught for manyyears. Ada Karen Blair and I continue to be thebest of friends. Kari is in her 33rd year of teachingat Towson Univ. Her husbandGeorge is happily retired from teaching at Towson.

My husband Paul and I are also retired from teaching. The four of us enjoy getting together whentime permits.

After aninitial period of adjustment, I am very contentedwith retirement. It is wonderful to read for pleasure,to travel whenever we want, and to have uninterruptedtime for friends and family, especially mydaughter, a junior at Georgian Court Univ. I agreewith several classmates who reported that life,while not greatly dramatic, is satisfying and happy. Thank you to the classmates who responded to mye-mails and telephone calls. I hope to hear fromother classmates for the next class news column.

San Francisco, CA h w fax clifford texture. Severn, MD fax sowens aol. Pace, FL 05 1nlwfeltz hotmail. Kudos: Joan Gillece, Ph. D, director of SpecialPopulations for the Maryland Mental HygieneAdministration, was recognized in PsychiatricNews for helping create a program for womenprison inmates and their children.

Our sincerecondolences to the family of Constance GoughBloom, who died Jan. She was a nursewho served on Omaha Beach in Normandy forthe U. Army Nurse Corps in W. I have really enjoyed all theactivities with my new friends. Luckily, we live 12 miles inland from the Gulf ofMexico, so our house is still standing and livable. Half the shingles blew off our roof, so we hadwater damage inside our home.

The whole roof,along with some of our ceilings, walls, insulationand flooring has to be replaced. Thank goodnessfor insurance! He was undergoing a second roundof radiation when Ivan struck. I was never sograteful to have the electricity turned back onso he could resume his lifesaving treatments. He is living and working inAllentown, Pa, near my family and his girlfriend!

Lindsay is in her fourth year of study for a sportsmedicine degree and led the Univ. LindaFox-Jarvis sent me an update. She is in her23rd year of selling real estate. David works forUnited Defense over the Norfolk and Jacksonvilleoffices. Stephanie is a senior in high schoolso we are now in the throes of searching forand applying to colleges. Brian is a junior atVanderbilt Univ. As you know the Crystal Ball is my passion. It is a fund raiser to help find a cure for all thedifferent kinds of Muscular Dystrophy includingALS.

Scott retired fromthe Marine Corps and is working in D. Theirdaughter Sandy is a senior at Virginia Techmajoring in physical therapy. Lois spent her 50thbirthday in a New York hospital caring for hermother, who was recovering from hip surgery.

Coast Guard Academy. What an experience! It had been a really crazy week. Becky didnot get her call from the Academy until Tuesdaytelling her that her medical waiver had beengranted. Her packet arrived on Friday with all thelists and details. It was also graduation week. Graduation was Sunday at 2. We were in the carby 5 and on the road. Becky had to reportMonday at 7 a. She was checked in and lined up with the othercadets in her company.

I was very impressed that theCommandant gave out his home phone numberin case anyone had a serious concern. AlthoughBecky and her classmates will be issued computers,they cannot use e-mail until the end of Swabsummer. As I stood on the deck of theboat house overlooking the Thames River on thatglorious day, I thought of my parents and how Iknow they were smiling down to know Beckyhad chosen the Academy.

Eden Rd. Lancaster, PA janelljana aol. Shewould love to hear from old friends. E-mail:biddyburt aol. Darlington St. West Chester, PA auntieal verizon. Hope to see everyone at our 25thReunion in June 20 05! Linda Curry Heartfield writes that she is stillworking part time from home. Robbie, 11, is a6th grader and Meredith, 9, is a fourth grader.

Anne lives in Nashvillewith her husband, Mike. This is a reunion theyhave done twice now, at a meeting point halfwaybetween their homes. They spend the long weekendshopping, gabbing, touring, etc. He ismajoring in criminal justice. Clayton is in the thirdgrade at an alternative elementary school. He isalso fencing twice a week and playing soccer. Emilygrace is in third grade at home, using aWaldorf approach to learning. She is also playingthe piano, exploring art and playing soccer.

Karen is writing her thesis and will receive hermaster of arts degree in education from Goddard College in Jan. She is interested in speaking toanyone who has a passion for alternative, progressiveeducation and home schooling. MaryLee Evans, who transferred to Hood in andgraduated in was excited to share that heroldest child, Elizabeth Rose Soldano, is nowattending Hood as a freshman! Our next oldestchild, Mikaela, 16, is attending Piedmont VirginiaCommunity College as part of her high schooleducation.

In Jan. It was the homeschoolingfieldtrip of a lifetime! We enjoyed ourselvesimmensely and Mike and I got to reunite withold friends from our Junior Year Abroad days. Igraduated from Hood with a B. But my kids are nowteenagers and I felt the need to be around moreso I made the change. It also gives me thechance to learn something new and my biotechexperience will come in handy with the growththat will be occurring at Fort Detrick in the nextten years.

I love representing a town I grewup in. My daughterEmily takes after me and loves sports and is evena better swimmer than I was, so time will tell onhow far she will go. It was niceto get away from the cold and be in the warmsunshine for a few days. Philip, 17, asenior, plays in the marching bank and will headto college next year, and Beth, 14, is a freshman,and member of the cross country team.

Annesubstitutes in the school system and also enjoysa part-time job at a boutique in downtownLeesburg. We do have sad news to report, breastcancer has claimed the life of Leslie A. She died Jan. As for me, I am the officeadministrator for the Philadelphia area officesof Marsh and my job took me to Las Vegas andAlbuquerque for meetings earlier this year.

Mynieces and nephews, ages 4 to 16, keep mebusy in my spare time. Torrington, CT richnmeg aol. Junior Receives Legacy RingJ. Nancy is a member of theBoard of Associates and a planned givingchair for her class. Alumnae and alumni ortheir families who wish to share a Hood ring with a current student or who wish toadd their ring to a lending library to replacelost or stolen Hood rings may contact theOffice of Alumnae and Alumni Programs.

There is also a scholarship program whichhelps qualifying students purchase a Hood ring. Call or for details on ring programs. I want to thank the many classmates whoresponded to my e-mail request for class news. I heard from many who I had seen at our reunionlast year. Alongwith Joe and her three children, Glenn, 15; Sara13; and Mark,10, she recently took trips toKentucky and Oklahoma. Her greatest news isthat she celebrated the third anniversary of herbreast cancer surgery with a clean bill of health.

Amy lives inEaston, Md. Christy BelisleFitzgerald survived a summer of hurricanes inFla. Christy is a Clay County Commissioner. She is thefirst-ever woman to be chair of the CountyCommision.

Glynnis Edwards Cowdery is currentlyteaching visual art to elementary students. She would love to havesome Hood alums visit. Priscilla Wager Caskeywrote of her new career in the sport of tennis. Five years ago she qualified as a professional tennisregistry tennis instructor. Her daughterGrace made the JV high school tennis team. Her other daughter, Charlotte also plays tennis,but is first and foremost a gymnast. Her husbandof 15 years, Paul, prefers to stay off of the court. After a recent move Priscilla noticed that a Hood flyer mailed to her was actually intended forLaura Pityo Durieux, class of , who shediscovered lived just down the street.

They hada good chance to chat and hope to attend afuture Hood reunion with their daughters. She thoroughlyenjoys home-schooling which she has now donefor eight years.

Her daughters are 12 and Ann wanted me to include that she wasabout to toss the old typewriter she had used at Hood. Another member of our class has tennis news toreport. Way to go Jackie!! Sharon Williams DePamphilis is the proudmother of 4-year-old Devin. He certainly keepsher busy carting him to swimming lessons,gymnastics, play dates and birthday parties.

Sharon, her husband Phil and Devin also spenttime at the beach last summer along with trips toHershey Park and Thomas the Tank. Sharon is a manager at Highmark andPhil works for Hershey Foods. DawsonCasey Bullock, her husband John and theirdaughters, 8 and 10, recently moved back toLouisville from Atlanta. John has a new positionwith a pharmaceutical company. Dawson startedher own business four years ago. It is calledDesigns by Dawson. She makes handmadecustom invitations, birth announcements,personalized stationery and more.

Check outher website: www. Wendy Pulford has moved back to Connecticutfrom Maryland. After taking a year off fromteaching, she has begun substitute teaching inthe Wethersfield area.

Asfor me, I am currently staying at home andenjoying it. Matthew is in first grade. He is busywith soccer and Tiger Cubs. We are very happy to benear family and friends after 20 years in the U.

Looking forward to hearing from more ofyou next time. Ridgecrest, CA Class of — where are you? I think you allare going to get sick of hearing about Edie. Yes, I moved again—note the new address—inVirginia this time. It just took a while. Please keep intouch with us. A coupleof alums have new jobs. We are sad to report the passingof Marianne B. Warburton Jan. Midlothian, VA alison86 att. While this column is usually one of happy notesand joyful messages, we are sometimes calledto send you news of another variety.

SarahBleecker Greene tragically lost her husbandin July Colonel David S. Sarah andDave have two children. Beth is married with threedaughters and everyone had a terrific time! Eleanor Chisholm Landauer is now living withinwalking distance of her new job as director ofmajor and planned gifts for the Friends Schoolof Baltimore after taking a year off to becomeinvolved with some community activities anddecorate the home she shares with husband Peter.

Debra Degreenia Nueslein has been busy sincegraduation—she married Michael in , gavebirth to fraternal twin girls, Brianne and Brittany,in , and is now working as a senior medicaltechnologist at the R Adams Cowley ShockTrauma Center in Baltimore. Christine Dunn-Behrendt is now the assistant principal atWalkersville Elementary and has three children.

Christine got her grad degree from Hood ineducational leadership and as a reading specialistand taught in a number of schools before movingto her current job. Audrey MacDonald Wilcoxwent on a two-week Christian Outward Boundexperience with her year old twins to celebrateturning 40 and is busy keeping up with thehectic schedules of her four kids.

Noemi MendezBradley has been traveling including a trip toBolivia, trekking through the Andes Mountains,an excursion to northern Italy, and visiting withJulie Booth Little, her husband Greg, and daughterSally. She loves herpart-time job at Darwin Professional Underwritersand is very excited that her niece has just begunattending Hood.

Mari keeps in touch with Gina Oliveros, who survivedall the Florida hurricanes while working forMerck in pharmaceutical sales. Stacey RobinsBaum went on a cruise this past year to Alaskaand raves about the scenery—she, her husband,Frank, and her boys had a terrific time.

Anyonehoping to keep in touch with Gemmi, or find aplace to crash when vacationing, can contact herat gemmi5 hotmail. Since they both live in Ohionow, they are hoping to get together soon. Nadya E. Aswadreceived her M. She lives in Washington D. I am currently beginning my 10th year teaching,my third with the Williamsburg—James CityCounty Public schools. My daughter Mackenzieis in the second grade and keeps me busyrunning her to swim lessons, Girl Scout meetings,choir practice and assorted other activities.

Julie Brinkman wrote to say that she wentto Reunion Weekend and had a good time. Julie bought a condo in Frederick, andkeeps busy working at her church and volunteeringat a retirement community.

Beth has two daughters,Claire, 6, and Eve, 4. Leslie Clark Quinn wrote to say that they arestill living in Virginia Beach. Ward is a Lt. DoriannaColon Rice and and Ken are doing well. They have especially enjoyed spending timeat the North Carolina beaches, specifically BaldHead Island. She is still working for the U. Department of Justice. Jen Conner writes fromLondon where she just received her permanentU.

She says Londonis definitely home, although she never wouldhave guessed that during her semester inLondon, junior year. Recently promoted tosenior vice president, European client relationshipdirector, Jen oversees all client and businessdevelopment while maintaining her existingAwards NominationsDo you know alums who should behonored by Hood College for theirachievements or their service to the College? The past recipients, awardcriteria and a nominations form areavailable on the Hood Web site atwww.

Candidates mayinclude alumnae, alumni, communitymembers or business professionals. Kim Coronel Orben and her familyare still living in Crofton, Md. Her son Alexander,4, keeps her very busy. She has recently startedworking for the Department of HomelandSecurity. I have also heard from Alicia Grumbine Maconwho on Feb. She is alsothe foster parent to a 14 month old girl whohas been with her since she was five days old.

Son Billy started kindergarten in Aug. Cynthia Morris Lyons, in Palmyra, Pa. School of Lawafter four years of night school. Currently sheis a stay-at-home mom for Peyten, 7, andStephen, 3. When she was transferred to Jupiter, Fla. She finds time to play golf, hikeand travel. With the move she left behind a career andbecame a full-time mom. Karen andher husband Reed have two daughters, Meredith,3, and Erin, six months.

Jackie is a vice presidentof sales at Manulife Insurance Company. Marianne Smith Cecchini wrote with an addresschange, she and husband Robert and their girlsTyler and Shelby moved from Jacksonville, N.

She is currently a stay-at-home mom busyunpacking and settling into their new house. Daughter Mary Ashton was bornMay 19, She joins brothers Jeb, 6, Zachary,4, and Bo, 2. Jill is a stay at home mom and isbusy home schooling her children. Mary Woodshas moved to Pound Ridge, N. She has also spent the last three summers cyclingin the west of Ireland.

Shewill be ordained in the Episcopal Church. She says celebrities,including Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron,have lunched there. One last note: to makethis report easier next time would you pleasesend me your e-mail addresses and I will makesure to include you on my list of future classupdate requests. Huntington , NY tot. Greetings from Long Island, New York. Here isthe latest news, hot off the presses: JosetteFranklin got married in March She was also promoted in June to the positionof technology trainer at Chevy Chase Bank.

Beryle would also like to thank everyonefor their expressions of sympathy concerning thedeath of her mother at the beginning of Aug. Anne Malcolm Brown is a practice administratorfor Drs. To round things out, JenniPortmann Riberdy sends her best to the class. She just celebrated her first year anniversary withher husband Bernard J. Riberdy June 21, At the wedding her Hood roommate, KimberlyFabrizio Poleo was a bridesmaid. Jenni andBernard work in emergency medicine. However,Jenni is also training to become a yoga therapist.

Baltimore, MD dibev20 yahoo. Mensah has been elected to the Hood Board of Associates. She was in Vegasrecently and ran into Amy Mullins. Small world. It would be nice to get everyone in one place. Helen Dail was a best woman. Well rested, we returnedto our Queens apartment. I am busy again inthe second year on my Ph.

The family lives outsideWashington D. Tabitha Groh served as abridesmaid. The couple lives in Alexandria, Va. Stacey has herown graphic design business, Studio TabithaGroh and Rob Weir were married April 26, Tabitha continues towork at the Univ.

Lots going on for Dawn KirbyMaynard and husband Ernie. They welcomedtheir first child, Evan Matthew Maynard, Aug. Chris KnausAnasco and family moved in Sept. Ross is an engineerfrom the UK. Maura is in school full time at Loyola College working towards a degree in counseling.

They live in D. Nayda Marville Briggs wasmarried July 19, She joins her big brothers Derek, 6 and Dominic,4. In Sept. Lebanon, PA Tanya Sander-Marks was matron of honor. Kim is currentlystaying at home with Liam and is aPampered Chef consultant. Her job has had hertraveling around the U. Monterey, CA ftnawara earthlink. Luke Gabriel debuted Sept. They were wedon the beach in Paradise Island, Bahamas. Danielle is an attorney and works for the GeorgiaDepartment of Community Affairs.

Jessica Myers Staley has movedand gotten a new job. Jessica received a doctor of veterinarymedicine degree at Virginia Tech. BrooksWilliston has a new address: Limestone Rd.

The first vice president serves a two-yearterm. Her or his responsibilities includeassisting the President and assumingthe responsibilities assigned by thePresident, which usually include servingas a liaison to the Hood College Clubsand Chapters. Carol has served as chair of theeditorial board for Hood Magazine,co-chair for Reunion Weekend, a fundagent for her class and is a memberof the career mentoring network.

The secretary-treasurer serves a twoyearterm. Her or his responsibilitiesinclude taking and filing the minutesof the meetings of the association andof the executive board and conductingthe necessary correspondence of theorganization. Jacki has served as a class newsreporter, an alumnae and alumniadmissions volunteer, is an activemember of the Baltimore Hood College Club, and has represented Hood atinaugurations at other colleges. In accordance with the bylaws ofAAHC, if no additional nominationsare received by 14 days prior to theAnnual Meeting of the association,these candidates will be considered byconsent.

Call the Office of Alumnae andAlumni Programs at or for more information. Hanover, PA gere32 yahoo. Lisa Beatty reports that shehas been quite busy since graduating from Hood. Fromthere, she accepted a yearlong position as anenvironmental educator for the Univ. More recently, Lisa spent the lasttwo years as an after-school program instructorteaching science education with the CarrollCounty Public School System. Currently, she ismoving back to Pennsylvania, where she plans tofinish her teacher certification in science education.

AdrianeEader Shell is working towards a degree in veterinarymedicine at the Ross Univ. School ofVeterinary Medicine in St. Kitts, British VirginIslands. Melissa Kelly recently relocated toMacon, Ga.

Wedding vowswere taken by a number of alums from the class. Holly also started a new job in thefall, as a school psychologist in New Oxford, Pa.

The couple welcomed ason, Evan Patrick Walsh, May 20th Congratulations to Cristina Collett who wasmarried in May In addition to workingtowards a graduate degree in social work, she isalso continuing her work as a Mary Kay cosmeticsconsultant.

Jaime Kowzun continuesto work for a government contractor and isstill enjoying the townhouse that she bought inthe Columbia, Md. In addition,she has become a foster parent to petsawaiting adoption. In , as a redshirt freshman, Lucas competed in the gARC Champion ships, placing third in smallbore with a final score of Army National Championships. There are still things we want to improve on. Soren Butler was awesome. We did a lot of great things in his five years here, and change is inevitable.

Preseason is preseason. On the impact of adding senior Mary Tucker and her championship pedigree to the team:. Mary does. For some, it may take some pressure off their shoulders in matches to not have that expectation to try and be the top scorer. So, it comes down to just getting better, just putting the hours in and working harder. We had a very deep team last year. There are defi nitely some that had their challenges last year that have shown improvement already.

We have to shoot against all the best teams. The standard last year went up and up. They all broke or tied one of the different records at one time. We had a really good run for a while, and teams had to figure out ways to get better and catch us. There is a cap, there is a perfect score. We have those three teams coming in for the Fall Clas.

Kentucky will be there for one day, as well. There are many other good teams out there as well, including ole Miss.

We have to challenge ourselves and shoot against the best teams. We need to see where we stack up, try to make improvements, go with confidence and go from there.

We need to be consistent, but we also have to show steady improvement. Morgantown, w. Season of Rifle 73rd First Year of Rifle. The mark also tied the school and NCAA record in the relay. WVU entered the field as the sixth-ranked team. Gratz, who took home the honor in and , as the second different shooter in program history to receive the Elite 90 Award twice. TCU Nov. Season Average Smallbore Air Rifle Aggregate Oct.

TCU Morgan Phillips , , Ginny Thrasher , , david koenders , , Milica Babic , and elizabeth Gratz , Cincinnati 1 0 The Citadel 2 3 Clarion 1 0 Coast Guard 2 0 Columbus State 1 0 dayton 1 0 d uquesne 34 4 Hugh W. Russell Treadway , William Bill Truxal , , david Wade Tyner , , , Rein Schiff dave Schweigert , , Ronald Schwenninger Talmadge Wilkins , , , doug Williams Cory Willis , , , Web Wright , , , John Writer , , In , Time magazine named him one of the top 10 university presidents in the United States.

In , Gee returned to West Virginia University, where his career as a university president began. He clerked under Chief Jus tice David T. Lewis of the U. Supreme Court. In this role, he worked for Chief Justice Warren Burger on administrative and legal problems of the Court and federal judiciary. Gee returned to Utah as an associate professor and associ ate dean in the J. He served in that role until He went on to lead the University of Colorado , Brown University and Vanderbilt University He served as president of The Ohio State University from to and again from to Gee has been a member of several educa tion-governance organizations and committees including the Big 12 Conference Council of Presidents, the Business-Higher Education Forum and the American Association of Univer sities.

Energy Advisory Committee. Active in many national professional and service organizations during his tenures, he has served on the boards for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc. Gee has received many honorary degrees, awards, fellowships and recognitions. He is a. Following are some. Cell phone numbers will not be provided, and all WVU student-athletes have been instructed to not conduct interviews without prior approv al from the athletics communications staff.

Media members may receive rifle press releases, notes and more via email. Player and coaching staff bios are available at the click of a finger by going to WVUsports. Updated following each match, WVUsports. Visit Facebook. To follow the Mountain eers on Twitter visit Twitter.

To follow the team on Instagram visit Instagram. Cross the Star City Bridge and proceed up monon gahela Boulevard past the texas roadhouse. At the second traffic light, turn left onto and take the second exit out of the roundabout as becomes Chestnut Ridge Road. Turn left at the third traffic light onto Van Voorhis Road. The road becomes Patterson Drive at the intersection of University Avenue.

The main athletics communications office is Room Contributing Photographers: Lori A. The indicia depicted are registered trademarks of West Virginia University. Reproduction of any material appearing herein is prohibited.

West Virginia 3 eastern kentucky 1. West Virginia 3 USF 1. West Virginia 2 Navy 3 Tennessee Tech 1. West Virginia 3 kentucky 1. West Virginia 2 Air Force 3 kentucky 1.

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Torrence worked in the investment banking business for 31 years primarily structuring and executing mortgage backed securities transactions for state and local governmental issuers providing financial assistance to owners and developers of affordable housing. From January of to May of , Mr. Under Mr. In addition to providing financing for affordable housing, Mr. Torrence over the years has also been an owner and operator of multifamily affordable housing properties.

Since , Mr. Torrence has been involved in the ownership and operation of more than three thousand apartment units. In May of , Mr. King, formed Highmark Holdings, LLC to serve as his principal company to actively pursue additional opportunities to own and operate multifamily properties. Highmark Holdings, LLC is a Nashville, Tennessee based developer and sponsor of multifamily affordable housing, specializing in developments which qualify for Low Income Housing Tax Credits and tax-exempt bond financing.

Since , Highmark Holdings, LLC sponsored entities have purchased eleven apartment communities located in Tennessee totaling over 1, units. Torrence is married and is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee.

Torrence is also a veteran having served in the United States Marine Corps from to King partnered with Mr. Highmark Holdings is a Nashville, Tennessee based developer and sponsor of multifamily affordable housing, specializing in developments which qualify for Low Income Housing Tax Credits and tax-exempt bond financing. Highmark Holdings sponsored entities have purchased eleven apartment communities located in Tennessee totaling 1, units. King partnered with Glynda Shamwell to form Enfield Management Company, LLC in to manage the multifamily assets owned by Highmark Holdings, in addition to pursuing other multifamily management opportunities.

Enfield Management prides itself on its focus on developing partnerships with community, government and educational organizations to provide high quality programs and services for the residents of its communities.

He is married and a father of five. Ashley has been with Highmark Holdings since March of Ashley is a licensed Tennessee Affiliate Broker. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, being outdoors and trying new restaurants in the growing Nashville food scene. Alexis Lewis serves as the Resident Programs Coordinator. She is responsible for developing and maintaining partnerships with community, government and educational organizations to provide high quality programs and services for the residents living in our communities.

Her focus is to enhance the quality of life of our families. The types of programs these partners provide include nutrition and cooking classes, youth mentoring, youth and adult literacy, job readiness, health and wellness classes, personal finance classes and youth afterschool programming.

She and her husband, Dwayne, reside in Nashville and have two daughters and three sons. Allie joined Enfield Management as an on-site manager in August of , where she worked on the day to day tasks of leasing apartments, resident retention, working with maintenance staff, collecting and posting rents, community events and much more.

As she gained knowledge and experience she then was asked to help train new employees in their new roles as a property manager. In the beginning of , she was asked to take a new position as Director of Marketing and Communications, where she is responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of all external and internal Marketing and Communications on behalf of Highmark Holdings, LLC and Enfield Management LLC.

Experience May - September Ken Burkey Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Details. Ken Burkey's Highmark Inc. Experience March - January Job Application Developer. Gary Baranowski Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Details. Gary Baranowski's Highmark Inc. Experience May - Present. May - Present Highmark Inc. Vineet Tripathi's Highmark Inc. Experience August - September Job PhD student at University of Pittsburgh. Experience August - May Tammy Gaughan's Highmark Inc. Job Senior Accountant. Eustace Mann Jr's Highmark Inc.

Job Application Developer at Highmark Inc. Sara Prybyl Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Details. Sara Prybyl's Highmark Inc. Jordan Yoklic's Highmark Inc. Experience July - September Robert Hosler Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Details. Robert Hosler's Highmark Inc. Scott Hemphill Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Details.

Scott Hemphill's Highmark Inc. Experience August - October Job Senior Consultant at Rulesware. Experience January - September Job Strategic Projects with Compass Group. Jeannette Cheney's Highmark Inc. Experience June - June Job Project Manager.

Industry Education Management. Allison Warner's Highmark Inc. Job Training Specialist at Highmark Inc. June - Present Highmark Inc. December - June Highmark Inc. Chelsea Beichner Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Details. Chelsea Beichner's Highmark Inc. Christopher K Straub's Highmark Inc. Job Team Manager at Highmark Inc. October - Present Highmark Inc.

January - Present Highmark Inc. Carly Hyland Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Details. Carly Hyland's Highmark Inc. August - Present Highmark Inc. August - June Highmark Inc. Clair High School — General. Carl Brockmeyer Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Details.

Carl Brockmeyer's Highmark Inc. Job Contract Manager at Highmark. Industry Medical Devices. Mark Snover's Highmark Inc. Experience June - May Job Manager, Worker's Compensation.

Industry Medical Practice. Sara Addler Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Details. Sara Addler's Highmark Inc. HRBP at Highmark. Industry Human Resources. Chris Cowman's Highmark Inc. Teresa Kishlock's Highmark Inc. Experience April - September Elliott Reed's Highmark Inc.

Experience December - August Job Actuarial Analyst. William Rout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Details. William Rout's Highmark Inc. Jeremiah Runyon's Highmark Inc. Experience October - June Industry Entertainment. Greg Pimental's Highmark Inc. Experience September - August Benjamin Pease's Highmark Inc. Job Customer Service Representative at Highmark. Joseph Dehner's Highmark Inc. Lou Zola's Highmark Inc. Experience August - January Tammie Tibbits's Highmark Inc.

Experience January - December Job Contracting Executive at Humana. Jamie Smith Tezbir's Highmark Inc. Job Sr Consultant at Highmark. Tom Staab's Highmark Inc. Rich Saiers's Highmark Inc. Job Communications Analyst at Highmark Inc. Dave Paladino's Highmark Inc. Job President Landmark Group. Industry Real Estate. Sara Evans Brady 's Highmark Inc. Job Product Manager, Medicare Advantage.

Vincent DelPrince's Highmark Inc. Experience - October Maureen Fairbanks's Highmark Inc. Experience April - February Industry Higher Education. Eugenia Zharichenko's Highmark Inc. Madeleine Buell's Highmark Inc. Job Supervisor, Regulated Under 65 Products. William Pivik's Highmark Inc.

Jamie Krieger's Highmark Inc. Experience September - March Job Lead Financial Analyst at Highmark. September - March Aetna, Inc. Jeremy Hanz's Highmark Inc. Experience June - December IT Infrastructure Engineer, Highmark. Derrick Stokes's Highmark Inc. Experience December - February Ryan Badaracco's Highmark Inc.

Job Corporate Development at Highmark. Heather Knisely's Highmark Inc. Instructional Designer at Highmark. May - Present Santander Bank, N. Ric Harris's Highmark Inc. Industry Environmental Services.

Experience State Security Services Inc. Autumn Hicks's Highmark Inc. Experience August - December Job Coldwell Banker. Carrie Rapp's Highmark Inc. Industry Political Organization. June - June Gap Inc. January - March Highmark Inc. January - January Highmark Inc. Kojo Owusu-Sekyere's Highmark Inc. Software Engineer at Highmark Inc. Net Framework, C. Net, ADO. Ayaz Sarigat's Highmark Inc. Matt Bouchard's Highmark Inc. Job User Experience Designer.

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Experience April - March Job Experienced Health Care Professional. Damian Birnstihl's Highmark Inc. Job Director of Actuarial Services at Aetna. Jon Leer's Highmark Inc. Digital Communications, Digital Communications; Communications focus.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Highmark - Dr. Margaret Larkins-Pettigrew - Client - BCBS

WebErin Truxal, Erin Colbourn. Related to: Randy Rhine Suzanne Nole, 73 E H David Rhine, Connected to: Highmark Inc. May - Aug Corporate Communications Intern . WebJan 13, ?·?Highmark's History. Our history began during the Great Depression of the s and the genesis of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield movement when our . WebHighmark Inc. 37, followers. 1mo. Our million members will soon start to see a simpler and more integrated digital experience in the My Highmark member portal and .