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Nuance user support

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Pitched as a productivity tool, Nuance's Dragon software is aimed at everyone from journalists and home users to medical professionals as a way to accurately transcribe spoken words into printed text. For some users, however, the software is much more than a convenience. Hughes explains that, for him and others whose conditions leave them unable to type with a keyboard, voice dictation software is a line to the outside world.

That is why, when Nuance announced recently that it was cutting support for the Mac version of Dragon Professional for Mac, it left some users in a tough spot. While the software will continue to function, there will be no future updates or support, meaning Colin and others who have come to depend on Dragon for everyday activities will have to find another way to get things done.

El Reg contacted Nuance for comment on the matter, but a spokesperson had only the PR boilerplate to offer. After much consideration, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the Dragon Professional Individual for Mac line-up," the statement reads. In other words, the clock is ticking for anyone who relies on Dragon for Mac to either find a new app or migrate to Windows.

Which leads us to the next part of the story. It would be one thing if the other options for Mac users could match Nuance's now-discontinued offering. Unfortunately, Hughes tells us, there isn't anything close to Dragon at the moment. That leaves users with the unenviable choice of either making do with an inferior product or dropping their Macs in favor of Windows, where Nuance still supports Dragon Professional.

It is no secret that Apple does not play well with others and the strict limits it places with its APIs have prevented developers from making full use of hardware the way they can on other platforms. Many an Android developer, for example, has had to cut features from the iOS version of their app due to Apple simply not granting access to specific components.

While wanting to keep control of what happens on their platform is perfectly understandable, Hughes argues that Apple should also take it upon themselves to pick up where Nuance left off and develop a better set of access and dictation tools for disabled users. Hughes says that, eventually, he does believe someone, be it Apple or Google, will step up and offer better voice controls and dictation.

Unfortunately, in the meantime he and other users are tied to the business decisions of the few companies, such as Nuance, who offer a usable product. Perhaps most frustrating is that the technology to do voice control properly is already here. The Dragon People at AWS are proficient with the entire Nuance Dragon product line, including both single user solutions and enterprise solutions.

Our team strives to keep an expansive, up-to-date knowledge base, including solutions for common problems and requests in the speech recognition industry, as well as delivering technical excellence in word processing workflows, templates, and all electronic health record systems. In addition to phone support, AWS will provide continuing support through e-mail. AWS has the ability to use remote access within system allowances to provide additional support as needed.

Technical Support. Dragon Support and Customer Care Providing unparallelled, timely customer service and technical support to our clients is the goal of our entire team. We're committed to always provide the 'best of the best' service to our customers. Contact Options. AWS Support Contract.

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They will also be reminded each time they log in up to the end of the activation grace period 5 tries before they are required to activate. If they have not activated the product within the specified number of launches, they will need to do so to continue using the product.

Is there a grace period during which the product will work without being activated? The customer may opt out of activating the product 5 times before they are required to activate.

If a customer chooses "Activate Later" at the end of installation, they will then only be able to choose "Activate Later" 4 more times. How does Product Activation connect over the Internet? Activation over the Internet requires users to have their own Internet service provider ISP connection. Users who do not have an ISP connection will be asked to activate when the system connects to the internet.

How does Activation respect customer privacy? Nuance Nuance highly values respect for and protection of customers' private information. User privacy was a paramount design goal in building our product activation technology.

Nuance product activation is completely anonymous, and no personally identifiable information is collected. Activation is different from product registration.

If customers wish, they may voluntarily register their product by providing their name and contact information. Registration is for those customers who want to receive future communications on product updates, service releases, and other special offers, and access to Technical Support.

Any information provided remains secure and private and is used only for the purposes specified by the customer. If a reinstallation of the software is needed, must I purchase a new license? In general, no. If the same version of the software is reinstalled on the same machine or is not concurrently installed on any other machine, no new license is required.

Additional licenses are generally required for installations above and beyond those allowed by the product's EULA. If I don't have internet access can I still use your product? Not unless you are able to activate the product. You can activate the product manually if you go to a computer with internet access and provide your machine fingerprint and serial number to the Nuance activation server. You will need to write down the activation key and enter it in the "Activate Key" field of the "Enter Key" dialog box on your computer to unlock your software.

Will the product ever need to be deactivated? If you want to move your license onto another computer, or are planning to upgrade any hardware or the operating system since activation may see this as a new computer , you should deactivate your software. For the product to be correctly deactivated your computer must be connected to the internet during the uninstall process in order to free up an activation so it can be reused when you reinstall the software with the new hardware.

What can I do if I get an "Activations Exceeded" error message during activation? What do I have to do if I get the "The serial number entered was not activated at the place of purchase. Please contact the retailer". Error message? This is a result of the entered serial number not being successfully activated at the place of purchase. If the POSA part of the validation process failed, please contact your retailer for further assistance.

What happens if I get the "There was a network problem activating the serial number. Please try again later". Error message during the activation process? This message is displayed when network issues result in the activation process not completing successfully. When this message is displayed, please try the activation process again later. Note that in such cases, the number of activation attempts remaining is not reduced.

Data security and user privacy are fundamentally important to us at Nuance. We aim to provide you with the highest quality personalized dictation experience, while doing so in a safe and secure way. You will need to have a username and password to log in to our customer service portal for online support to submit questions, check the progress of your requests, modify your profile or access additional features.

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See it in action. Watch feature demos. Read our blog. Enterprise integration Maximize your team's productivity in the field Give your mobile workforce the ability to be productive in the field, on the go—anywhere. Forgot password. Trouble logging in? If problems persist, please contact Nuance support.

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