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To browse current career opportunities at our hospitals, medical offices and corporate offices, use the advanced search option above. Namespaces Article Talk. Charles Medical Center — Madras St. Adventist Health is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to apply for any position s avventist interest. Walla Walla University School of Nursing. In the mids it was determined that expansion and relocation was again necessary.

Accenture holiday list 2024 amerigroup iowa employment

Accenture holiday list 2024

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When travel is necessary, we promote carbon-efficient alternatives, such as rail, where available. Our increased reliance on digital collaboration and ability to meet client needs without travel has led to more cost-efficient client delivery and reduced carbon emissions.

Just as the emissions we generate in the service of our clients impact their emissions, our own suppliers contribute to our emissions. With our journey to cloud complete, we have the direct advantage of consuming the new, more sustainable capabilities from cloud providers. We created a CO 2 calculator prototype to measure an estimation of our public cloud energy consumption—and our devices and their usage patterns—so we can better understand reduction opportunities and make data-driven decisions.

To address remaining emissions, we are investing in nature-based carbon removal solutions. At the end of fiscal , our nature-based carbon removal portfolio included projects in Indonesia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Our nature-based carbon removal solutions are generally expected to do the following—all while removing CO 2 from the atmosphere:. At the end of fiscal , our nature-based carbon removal portfolio included projects in:. Since agricultural lands throughout Indonesia are especially susceptible to climate change with floods and droughts causing land degradation, local farmers are one of the social groups most vulnerable to climate change.

Our project will reforest degraded land and engage local communities, cooperatives and farmers in sustainable agroforestry practices, including helping farmers plant trees on their own land.

Ultimately, this will help contribute to stabilizing incomes, reducing poverty, increasing biodiversity and promoting community-based action, all while sequestering carbon. We are supporting projects that have converted marginal farmland to permanent woodland in Scotland and England. This is expected to lead to the creation of new and diversified, sustainable forests.

Beyond being an effective and cost-efficient natural climate solution, able to remove and store CO 2 from the atmosphere, the U. Woodlands act as important natural water filters, help prevent floods, serve as essential habitats for wildlife and provide recreational grounds to improve the mental and physical health of local communities. Locally appropriate reforestation is valuable in enhancing biodiversity. Woodlands also provide support for employment through sustainably managed and harvested timber.

Through our project, we will plant native giant bamboo on degraded land to sequester carbon and deliver economic growth. Harvesting the mature clumps does not harm the plant; in fact, it spurs growth and increases sequestration. This bamboo project will not only help remove carbon from the atmosphere, but it will also help to diversify incomes, reduce poverty levels and increase local biodiversity. In the lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, a carbon project has been established to restore degraded agricultural lands back to their original and highly beneficial forest ecosystem.

By design, this project expedites tree growth, accelerates CO 2 sequestration, improves tree quality and survivability, and establishes quality wildlife habitats. Together with partners, our support of this project will have lasting positive impacts on the forests, surrounding communities and our global climate. We continue our efforts to reuse or recycle other e-waste such as monitors and servers. Eliminate single-use plastics in our locations. We continue to advance our programs in this area, pivoting to purchasing reusable and plastic-free items in our locations around the world.

To promote business continuity and resilience due to climate change-related risks, we are planning to mitigate the potential impacts of water risk by the end of To safeguard our people and operations, we are developing plans to reduce the impact of flooding, drought and water scarcity on our business and our people in high-risk areas.

We proactively analyze our water risk using the World Resources Institute Aqueduct tool. Although Accenture is not a water-intensive company, we minimize our use of water wherever feasible, including responsible use, reuse, management and discharge across our office portfolio. We are particularly conscious of our locations in water-stressed areas. To unlock shared value for both business and society, we are committed to investing in a low-carbon future.

Accenture is committed to contributing to a nature-positive future with our people, clients, suppliers and our broader ecosystem. We are taking action for nature through our goals on climate, waste and water, including supporting biodiversity through initiatives such as our nature-based carbon removals. Our direct impact on nature is low, due to our location footprint being comprised largely of leased office space in urban areas.

We are planting , trees. Reducing our environmental impact is built into our Code of Business Ethics and our core values, specifically Stewardship. These inform our Environmental Responsibility Policy , which was established in and is reviewed annually. In alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement, we joined other leading companies and pledged to do our part to keep global warming below 1. Meet our science-based target by We therefore focus our human rights efforts on those areas that are most relevant to our business and operations in terms of potential human rights impacts.

We also recognize that our clients and other stakeholders increasingly seek visibility into our human rights practices and policies. We continue to review our human rights efforts, as well as best practices in the marketplace, to assess how we can further strengthen our commitments. In cases where it is unclear how to apply the law in a way that is consistent with our human rights principles, we are guided by our core values and COBE to support and respect the principles of internationally recognized human rights.

We recognize that support and respect for human rights is an integral part of our sustainability commitments. Our ESG steering committee has responsibility across all operational sustainability topics, including human rights governance and strategic decision-making. We focus our human rights efforts on areas most relevant to our business and operations in terms of potential human rights impacts:.

Because of the global scale and diversity of our business, we prioritize our supply chain due diligence efforts by focusing on areas that align with our priorities; areas where we can appropriately make the most impact; and areas of heightened concern or in higher-risk geographies. We recognize the importance of assessing potential risks to rightsholders. We continually review, adapt and incorporate human rights due diligence across our enterprise risk management systems and legal compliance processes, in addition to across our supply chain.

In turn, Accenture expects our suppliers to apply our SSoC to their own suppliers. We work to be thoughtful and targeted in how we select and engage our suppliers, particularly in relation to higher-risk sectors and countries, and as our business evolves.

For example, we worked with a third-party specialist to help prepare our first Conflict Minerals Report by reviewing our supply chain for products that contain 3TG minerals tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold. We are committed to doing business ethically and legally, and we seek to leverage our global buying power to advance human rights. We continue to invest in new technology and processes to help us have greater visibility into the ESG performance of our suppliers.

We are proud of the launch of our Sustainable Procurement Hub The Hub , which we are rolling out globally. This new technology platform will enhance and provide greater transparency from our direct suppliers about their own human rights policies, due diligence and inclusive practices. The Hub supports how we make ethical purchasing decisions, onboard our suppliers and assess their ESG performance.

We encourage our people, suppliers and subcontractors to raise ethical and legal concerns including potential human rights issues, and we provide a range of secure channels for them to do so confidentially, and anonymously where allowed by law. We provide a mechanism to enable our suppliers' employees to speak up about legal or ethical concerns, including slavery and human trafficking.

Employees of Accenture suppliers may report concerns or violations anonymously, where permitted by local law through the Accenture Business Ethics Helpline. Whether internal or external, we treat all concerns seriously and in strict confidence. We protect anyone who raises, in good faith, a concern about a human rights issue or who assists us, or a law enforcement authority, by providing information to address such a concern. Accenture continues to drive the adoption of a living wage with our suppliers around the world.

Our long-standing commitment to human rights includes eliminating modern slavery, child labor and human trafficking in our supply chains. Given the nature of our business and supply chains, and the risk assessments we have undertaken to date, we believe the risk of modern slavery, child labor and human trafficking in our supply chains is low.

However, we are not complacent and frequently review how we can improve and evolve in response to changing circumstances and our evolving business. Our Modern Slavery Transparency Statement provides more information about our efforts.

While this statement is required by law in the United Kingdom and Australia, it also covers our commitment beyond these jurisdictions.

Given the recent evolution of our Industry X business into hardware manufacturing, this work is a vital part of how we address modern slavery across our global supply chain. For more information, see our Conflict Minerals Report. Accenture is leveraging the power of technology and private and public sector partnerships to end human trafficking in our lifetime.

A growing internal community of practice, executive sponsors, global partners and leading technology services and practitioners are finding ways to discover, describe, create, scale and sustain solutions to bring an end to human trafficking. Consider how you can join in to end human trafficking within your own area of influence. Procurement Plus, our overarching approach, shapes how we work with suppliers to promote sustainability.

Beyond transactional procurement, Procurement Plus addresses four thematic pillars to advance responsible buying:. This approach informs every aspect of our supply chain, building stronger partnerships based on ethical behaviors, transparency, agility and inclusivity. We are committed to driving responsible buying practices for ourselves and for the wider marketplace. As we continue to build supply chains that are more sustainable and inclusive, we recognize the need for an ethical procurement strategy that is reflective of our core values and our Code of Business Ethics.

In the United Kingdom, we are a signatory to the voluntary Prompt Payment Code, which requires a continual focus on ensuring that we pay our suppliers on time, within the payment terms agreed. Our Payment on Time Centre of Excellence and technology investment drives continuous provements in this area. We are proud to be leaders in shifting the payment culture to be more efficient and fairer.

In our drive for responsible buying excellence, we work continuously to adopt sustainable practices and are continually improving our supplier and contractor management processes. We actively work toward increasing the number of suppliers reporting their sustainability performance—.

Our Sustainable Procurement Hub is being used in over 30 countries with further deployments and program enhancements planned in fiscal As part of our goal to reach net-zero by the end of , we set an ambitious target requiring. To further advance awareness of the positive impact procurement has on sustainability, Accenture has joined forces with The Sustainable Procurement Pledge SPP.

The SPP is a global, nonprofit community of procurement professionals who aim to embed sustainability in their daily activities. SPP empowers and equips procurement professionals with access to the right knowledge, tools and behavior. Accenture is supporting these efforts and participating on the leadership and advisory panels.

This recognition is a testament to our dedication to ethical leadership, compliance practices and sustainability. We rely on our core values and our Code of Business Ethics COBE to not only inform our behavior but also help all our people make ethical choices and consider the full impact of their decisions. Our values shape our culture and define our character.

We live our core values through individual behaviors that guide how we act and make decisions. Enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value.

Leveraging the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service to clients wherever they do business. Valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects Accenture's values.

Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, challenging our people, demonstrating a "can-do" attitude and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

Fulfilling our obligation of building a better, stronger and more durable company for future generations, protecting the Accenture brand, meeting our commitment to stakeholders, acting with an owner mentality, developing our people and helping improve communities and the global environment. We offer our people many ways to raise a concern—through our leaders, anyone in Human Resources or Legal, and anonymously through our Accenture Business Ethics Helpline —and once they do, we make it clear what to expect.

We encourage and empower our people to speak up safely and confidently if they experience, see or become aware of any inappropriate behavior, including any form of disrespect, harassment, racism, discrimination or retaliation—or have any concerns about unethical or illegal behavior. And we have zero tolerance for retaliation. We ensure our personal interests and relationships do not create conflicts for Accenture. This framework creates a foundation for a positive, respectful and inclusive work environment that can inspire our people; reflects who we are and who we want to be as a company; and guides how we work with clients, our partners and each other.

Safeguarding data is one of our most important responsibilities in building and maintaining trust, not only with our people, but also with our clients and others. Beyond specific regional legal requirements, we apply strict data privacy and security standards to all information, everywhere. All our people have a personal responsibility to practice effective and responsible data management in accordance with our policies, including our Data Privacy Policy and procedures, our Binding Corporate Rules, as well as new and changing global regulations and jurisprudence.

This responsibility serves as a cornerstone of all we do. The Audit Committee of our Board continues to have oversight of our information technology risk exposures, including cybersecurity, data privacy and data security. While many of our people have returned to in-office spaces, others continue to work in remote and hybrid work environments. This complex work model, partnered with potential business risks associated with ongoing geopolitical tensions, reinforces the need for a proactive, cyber-resilient approach to keep data safe across our business, our people and our clients.

For example:. At Accenture, we are acutely sensitive to our role in innovating responsibly and consider Artificial Intelligence AI and related technologies one of our highest ESG priorities. Define and articulate a Responsible AI mission and principles while establishing a transparent governance structure across the organization that builds confidence and trust in AI technologies. Strengthen compliance with current laws and regulations while monitoring future ones, develop policies to mitigate risk, and operationalize those policies through a risk management framework with regular reporting and monitoring.

Develop tools and techniques to support principles such as fairness, explainability, robustness, traceability and privacy, and build them into AI systems and platforms. Empower leadership to elevate Responsible AI as a critical business imperative and provide training to enable all employees to have a clear understanding of Responsible AI principles and criteria for success.

We have a history of strong corporate governance and believe that good governance is critical to achieving long-term shareholder value. We are committed to governance practices and policies that serve the long-term interests of Accenture and our stakeholders. The following list summarizes some highlights of our corporate governance practices and policies:.

At Accenture, responsibility for ESG matters starts at the top, with our Board actively overseeing our ESG strategies and progress in meeting our ESG-related commitments, and cascades throughout the business. As part of this, we have implemented a clear and comprehensive governance structure designed to help us achieve our goals and reflect our objectives throughout the organization while guiding our strategic approach.

Our approach to managing disruptions is based on years of experience, preparation and adapting the way we manage and deliver services. Our business resilience strategy supports how we operate as a company, starting with our global client base, underpinned by internal functions and technology, and supported by the collaborations of our third-party ecosystem.

Accenture has identified sustainability as one of the five key forces of change that companies must harness to lead in the next decade. Sustainability is a priority in what we do for our clients—and how we operate our own business. We continue to expand and evolve our portfolio of Sustainability Services to meet the changing needs of our clients and support the imperative to act on environmental, social and governance ESG issues.

As consumers, employees, business partners, regulators and investors demand that companies move from commitment to action, we believe every business must be a sustainable business—a growth engine for new markets, new products and new services. To advance our clients toward their sustainability goals, we offer a full suite of Sustainability Services:.

Helping clients with solutions to reduce carbon emissions—whether from buildings, transport, energy systems or cities—while driving social and economic benefits. Embedding sustainability requirements into every stage of the value chain to build more transparent, circular and decarbonized supply chains. Enabling organizations to not only use technology more sustainably, but also use and scale technology as a vehicle for being more sustainable.

Implementing sustainability data, decision-making and performance metrics across the organization to effectively measure business value and sustainable impact.

Helping business leaders to build sustainability into everything they do, creating intelligent organizations that are sustainable at their core. Our Sustainability Services portfolio is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our extensive cross-industry expertise and a robust partner ecosystem are core to the solutions we deliver. We helped Sabadell build a centralized sustainability data repository according to European taxonomy, covering business units needs and regulatory reports.

We helped Braskem, a multinational petrochemical company, develop a decarbonization program. Our strategy is helping a multinational steel manufacturing company in its decarbonization initiative in its plants in Europe and Canada.

We are helping Kubota, a leading agricultural equipment company, reduce CO 2 emissions and introduce circular water and waste solutions. We are helping EDF, a multinational energy company, bring low-carbon energy to more than 6 million U. We helped a Latin American energy company develop a targeted roadmap to improve energy efficiency and CO 2 emissions. As we help our clients create their own sustainable futures, we are transforming our business to be sustainability-led, including:.

Advancing Responsible AI by applying practical, measurable metrics and methodologies. This is all part of our goal to embed sustainability into everything we do and with everyone we work with to create business value and sustainable impact, enabled by technology and human ingenuity.

From our Global Management Committee to all our people, we are embedding a sustainability mindset throughout our company. Our Sustainability Quotient SQ company-wide learning program enables our people to understand and consider how our work can deliver more sustainable outcomes and drive change in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

As of August 31, , nearly , of our people have taken sustainability awareness-level training. The SQ training features expert-curated content from Accenture leaders around the world.

Through our ventures and acquisitions, we continue to expand our ecosystem to connect our clients with best-in-class emerging enterprise startups to unlock new opportunities for growth and sustainability innovation. Our recent sustainability acquisitions include:. Through Accenture Ventures , we partner with and invest in growth-stage companies that create innovative enterprise technologies to help drive business value and sustainable impact, using an open innovation approach.

Our recent sustainability investments include:. We lead with innovation to help our clients imagine and invent their futures as they transform their organizations to become more sustainable.

We bring together our capabilities across our organization to develop and deliver disruptive innovations at scale to help business leaders achieve their sustainability goals. We anticipate market needs and deepen our impact by embedding sustainability innovation through technology, which is key to how we innovate with clients and partners. Accenture Innovation Centers deliver sustainability innovation for our clients by building and scaling solutions across technologies and industries.

Accenture Innovation Centers help clients quickly see the value of, and inform decisions about, the right digital solutions for their business, stakeholders and the environment. Together with our technology partners, we are changing how organizations use technology to support responsible business operations and high value, more sustainable customer outcomes.

For over 20 years, we have formed strategic partnerships with leading organizations including the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and global nonprofit organizations to help achieve the United Nations SDGs and tackle climate change. Our partnerships involve joint action to develop thought leadership, deliver programs, coordinate ecosystem action and support sustainable business transformation. We also partner with highly visible and influential market forums and international organizations on programs focused on key sustainability challenges and solutions.

The report highlights our comprehensive Sustainability Services offering, including capabilities for net-zero transitions, sustainable value chain, sustainable technology, environmental, social and governance ESG measurement, analytics and performance, sustainable leadership and organization, and sustainable customer experience and brand.

Learn more. Several of our key strengths were highlighted, including end-to-end services—spanning strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations—and integrated service portfolio, supported by new energy research, innovation capabilities and energy-focused digital labs. IDC MarketScape also recognized our ability to develop new service capabilities supporting energy transition initiatives, leveraging our broad partner ecosystem and cross-industry expertise.

We produce a variety of research, insights and reports across the ESG landscape. We also conduct timely topic-specific research to help us continually understand and better shape the evolving ESG landscape. Our thought leadership also extends to industry-specific research and reports including:.

Through our global Skills to Succeed initiative, we collaborate with our partners to prepare people for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. In fiscal , we equipped more than 1. Approximately 98, people globally built skills through our Skills to Succeed Academy , a free, immersive online learning program, in fiscal We already are realizing a future in which we see how critical technology skills are a given for jobs and careers.

And we believe we have a responsibility to skill—and reskill—people in our communities. The global NGO engaged Accenture Development Partnerships to define a strategy that accelerates digital education, cultivates partnerships, and empowers the underserved. We are helping GirlCode, a nonprofit organization in South Africa, empower girls and young women through coding bootcamps, workshops and hackathons to increase their job readiness.

Our people mentored participants in a sustainability app challenge. Supporting and skilling people to unlock their potential and drive positive social change.

Working with organizations to break down barriers to employment and expand job opportunities to motivated, high-potential underrepresented talent who traditionally have lacked access to the digital economy. As innovators, we leverage existing and emerging technologies to address critical challenges facing society and help build a more sustainable and inclusive world.

We are helping the Danish Association for the Blind explore how AI-enabled voice-activated assistants can help make life easier. We supported the Spanish Red Cross in a 6-month pilot to build a digital reforestation platform,. We helped The Inclusion Factory in China develop an AI-powered computer vision approach that analyzes hand gestures and action sequences of workers to understand which steps have been completed and which steps are next.

These AI smarts were integrated into a 3D virtual environment so that feedback can be provided to workers in an intuitive way, empowering employees across a range of learning abilities to continuously remain productive despite dynamic and agile business demands. The prize recognizes innovation in how educators run their organizations and in how they integrate sustainability into the core of what they teach, empowering the next generation to harness new technologies and innovative practices that tackle the global sustainability issues that impact us all.

We help welcome refugees in the communities where we work and live around the world, and we recognize how they enrich our communities through their courage, strength and talent. We partner with local and global organizations to help refugees establish new lives, gain meaningful employment and start businesses. The Welcome. Nearly 50, jobs available for newcomer job applicants on the Welcome Employment Exchange in partnership with Manpower and Welcome.

We are helping meet the essential immediate and longer-term needs of Ukrainian refugees. Examples include:. We developed an app to help distribute insulin and other key supplies to Ukrainian children with diabetes. Another app helps to identify resources for refugees in Slovakia and connects Slovakians with volunteer opportunities. We partnered with the Confederation of British Industry to organize essential humanitarian food boxes for delivery to Ukraine.

The program is expected to provide more than 10, participants with holistic support. In Poland, we are working with Upwardly Global to create a private sector coalition which aims to develop. Accenture Development Partnerships ADP helps our clients —including leading NGOs, private foundations, public donor agencies and the private sector— address society's most critical challenges. Specifically, through its Inclusive Business offering, ADP collaborates with private sector clients to drive sustainable impact at scale to support their ESG goals.

For 20 years, ADP has led diverse work fostering partnerships, collective impact and social equity. More than engagements in approximately 80 countries in fiscal Uganda-based Mandulis Energy is on a digital transformation journey to optimize and expand its circular bioenergy model. The company converts agricultural waste purchased from refugee and emerging farmers into clean electricity and biogas, while the byproduct is turned into green charcoal briquettes for use in cement or fertilizer production.

We collaborated with a major consumer packaged goods company, financial services organizations fintechs and payment services providers , and NGOs focused on skills development to design a multi-stakeholder program that has the potential to support the needs of more than 1 million small retailers across Mexico with training, access to loans, digital payments and energy efficiency assets to drive entrepreneurial success.

Making the best even better — investing and caring for our , people. Dollar-for-dollar pay equity for men and women in every country where we operate and by race and ethnicity in locations where we currently have the data available to use for this purpose—U. Thousands of our people serve as Mental Health Allies supporting and helping colleagues. For our people and their impacted extended families in Ukraine and the region.

Average of approximately 61 hours of training per person. Award-winning development programs. Across Accenture, people at all levels have opportunities to build leadership capabilities and grow their careers. We recognize our people throughout the year for who they are, what makes them unique and the valuable contributions they make through their work. Approximately , promotions during fiscal —a record. Our new social recognition tool has led to 4 recognition moments being given every minute since it was launched.

Pay equity at Accenture means that our people receive pay that is fair and consistent when considering similarity of work, location and tenure at career level. We conduct an annual pay equity review. As of our last review, which reflected annual pay changes effective December 1, As part of our commitment to creating a place where people can achieve their aspirations both professionally and personally, we take a holistic view of well-being.

Our commitment includes how we care for our people. In response to the Ukraine crisis, we introduced a range of support services for our people and their impacted families, along with their extended families who are located in Ukraine. This support included in-language:. Crisis helpline for emotional support. Telehealth support with access to physicians. Employee assistance helpline to help with settlement assistance and other needs. For our people in countries bordering Ukraine, as well as for our people and their extended families who have been impacted by the Ukraine conflict, we provided virtual support sessions focused on coping with trauma.

All our people have access to employee assistance programs, public health systems, company-sponsored health programs and mental health and wellness programs, where relevant. Our Global Assistance and Protection team provides crisis management and security advice and assistance to our people. We strive to create an environment and provide the tools, programs and practices for mental well-being. We continue working to help break the stigma surrounding mental health by fostering a workplace environment where people feel comfortable engaging in open, honest dialogue.

We also launched a comprehensive hub that provides all Accenture people—and their dependents—a central resource for all of our mental health and wellness offerings. Through our Mental Health Ally network, thousands of our people serve as ambassadors and advocates who help their colleagues facing mental health challenges find the support they may need.

Since fiscal , , of our people have completed Thrive Global programs to learn skills to support mental resilience; how to build resilience and belonging; and nutritional strategies for cognitive health.

We are on a journey to offer a foundational set of benefits to all our people, regardless of where they live and work. We offer all of our people a minimum of 15 days of paid vacation, inclusive of vacation, non-statutory holidays and additional paid time off. We strive to provide a minimum of 16 weeks paid maternity leave, or the equivalent paid time away, to all birth parents inclusive of dual parental benefits and social subsidies, where available.

We strive to provide a minimum of three days paid bereavement leave to our people who experience a miscarriage or have a partner who experiences a miscarriage. We have built on what we learned during the COVID pandemic—from our people, clients and partners—to embrace new ways of working at Accenture. In fiscal , we brought to life what we call omni-connected experiences—which level the playing field so everyone can participate fully, regardless of their physical location.

Through these experiences, people are able to forge relationships, create both personal and business value and grow their careers. We strengthen human connection through our behaviors, digital tools, collaborations in our offices and the culture we create. As people returned to working in person, they were welcomed back into safe, connected and collaborative office spaces. Always do the right thing, in every decision and action.

We worked with START, a technology training program focused on employability for low-income individuals in the communities where we operate. We are working with Passerelles Numeriques to train disadvantaged young people in our communities through a two-and-a-half-year program that helps them prepare for technology jobs.

In FY22, there were graduates—all of whom are now employed, 9 of them by Accenture. Through our North America apprenticeship program, since we have hired, trained, coached and provided career opportunities for untapped talent and people who are reskilling because their jobs are at risk of disruption by technology.

In FY22, our U. Our people are given the resources and training to collaborate and work effectively across cultures. We expect leaders at all levels to help create and sustain a culture of equality where everyone can achieve their professional and personal aspirations. We offer a wide variety of resources to support our people and to increase understanding of our inclusive culture.

For instance,. Working to eliminate discrimination in employment and applying our principle of meritocracy when we make decisions about how our people advance are fundamental parts of our commitment.

We are building inclusion into how we work and how we deliver value to our clients by creating and sustaining a company where:. We embed inclusion into the fabric of our organization and client work through our work on accessibility, Responsible Artificial Intelligence and inclusive design. Please see our Proxy Statement for further information. We are committed to identify a portfolio of specific opportunities to collaborate with our communities and other partners to promote equality, fight racism and bigotry and create more opportunities for employment and advancement.

In , we launched the Black Founders Development program, an initiative to support Black entrepreneurs. We are a founding partner of OneTen , a coalition of leaders working to connect Black talent with career opportunities that do not require a four-year degree. We are a partner with Business for Inclusive Growth , a global CEO-led coalition of major companies fighting against inequalities of income and opportunity, with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development as its strategic partner, and co-created recommendations to drive racial and ethnic inclusion.

We co-created MOBOLISE , a digital recruitment platform to connect Black talent with career opportunities in the United Kingdom's creative and technology fields by enabling access to job opportunities, upskilling, mentoring and networking.

In fiscal , through our Empowering Black Futures learning series, we continued to engage, inspire and motivate students of Black heritage to develop their employability and skills via a series of workshops. We are a partner with Quirky 30 , a nonprofit focused on bringing in-demand tech skills and careers support to impoverished communities. We are a funding partner of Mentec Foundation , which funds industry-specific skilling and job creation programs. Continued mandatory training in the U.

We strive to ensure that our people with disabilities have access to the latest technology, tools and training to succeed in a barrier-free workplace. Our Accommodation Support Tool enables our people with disabilities to easily access assistive technology, flexible work arrangements, sign language interpreters, screen readers and more.

This innovative tool, designed to make the request process easy, private and personalized, is available in 43 countries. Our award-winning Abilities Unleashed disability inclusion leadership development program provides opportunities for our people with disabilities to feel empowered, plan their career journeys, build their network and collaborate across the company. We are working to build accessibility practices into everything we do and to help provide our clients with the tools and the knowledge they need to implement those practices themselves.

We have been on a journey to make interactions with our most heavily used, internally developed, enterprise applications as accessible as possible for our people. Our journey will continue to focus on embedding accessibility requirements into every stage of the enterprise IT life cycle. More than 11, who have self-identified as of December 1, Our employees are given the resources and training they need to collaborate and work effectively across cultures.

This year, we recognized our more than 20, champions and trainers for their work and passion in this space. We continue to evolve this program with digitalization efforts, leveraging technology tools such as our Sustainable Procurement Hub to streamline activities such as supplier environmental, social and governance assessments.

In fiscal , we set a new DSDP goal to graduate diverse suppliers by the end of fiscal By the end of fiscal , a total of had graduated. The breadth of the organizations that we collaborate with reflects our global reach, spanning from the U.

Collaboration with other organizations, including:. Total enterprise reinvention, talent, sustainability, metaverse continuum, ongoing tech revolution. We also help our clients use technology to drive enterprise-wide transformation and compressed transformations—bold programs on accelerated timeframes, often spanning multiple parts of the enterprise at the same time, including:.

Migrate to the cloud, integrate data and artificial intelligence, and embed security across the enterprise. Use technology and creativity to create more personalized connections, experiences and targeted sales at scale; leverage data and AI, transform content, supply chains and marketing and commerce models; and develop new digital services and business models. Accelerate digitization, access digital talent, reduce costs, transform engineering and manufacturing.

Our integrated service teams meet client needs rapidly and at scale, backed by our network of more than innovation hubs ,. To better define and communicate how we create value for our clients—as well as for our people, shareholders, partners and communities—we continue to build on the purpose, strategy and brand expression we introduced in fiscal This is how we dramatize and show the world the extraordinary things we do for clients today—and creates energy, excitement and momentum for everything we can do together tomorrow.

We believe that the companies that will lead in the next decade need to harness the five key forces of change we have identified—total enterprise reinvention, talent, sustainability, the metaverse continuum and the ongoing technology revolution. We are investing and co-creating with clients and partners to lead in helping our clients thrive across these forces:.

We are helping clients build their digital core, optimize operations and accelerate growth. We believe that helping clients navigate these five key forces of change will, in turn, drive our growth. We offer many ways to get involved, including local and global volunteering opportunities, both virtual and in person, in addition to wider opportunities to act for social and environmental impact. Offered across multiple geographies, our global volunteering efforts give our people the opportunity to make a difference at scale—often working virtually alongside colleagues from around the world.

Almost 2, Accenture people from more than cities have participated in helping to keep names and stories alive. Accenture legal professionals respond to urgent needs for pro bono service. Our volunteers have contributed over 4, pro bono hours across 80 pro bono projects since the program began in Accenture volunteers in seven countries helped young people participating in the Coolest Projects initiative ,.

We also recognize that our people want to contribute close to home and respond to needs in their local communities. Our volunteers helped senior citizens in Spain learn how to use mobile devices and applications. This page contains a national calendar of all public holidays for India. Scroll down to view the national list or choose your state's calendar.

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Consumer Holiday Habits. Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, interactive, technology, and operations.. Accenture employees enjoy generous paid time off, combined with additional company benefits that provide optimal flexibility and choice when managing time away from work.

Paid Time Off Encompasses traditional vacation time along with paid personal time off and sick leave, providing flexibility for how, when and for what purpose time off is taken. Please connect with the Adecco Accenture Recruiting Team.

Singapore Public Holidays Qatar Public Holidays Holidays Brussels Belgium Here you will find the public holidays for Brussels of the current year , of the following two years , , as well as of the past year On the right side you can choose holidays from other regions or you can select another year. Brussels Holidays - Belgium. Holiday List Bank. School Calendar and Detailed list of holidays in , public holidays in Telangana only at Simpliance.

Get details on the upcoming holidays in Telangana, government holidays list , bank holidays ,. Annual Shareholder Meeting. Events Calendar. Q2 Accenture Earnings Conference Call. Thursday, March 18, am ET.

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Ism cummins specs Accenture contributions by region. We produce hloiday variety of research, insights and article source across the ESG landscape. In response to the Ukraine crisis, we introduced a range of support services for our people and their impacted families, along with their extended families who are located in Ukraine. One of the greatest link of change since the digital revolution is here. Our values shape our culture and define our character. Thursday, March 18, am ET.

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