cummins 12 valve mpg
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Cummins 12 valve mpg cvs health screenings for employees

Cummins 12 valve mpg

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The engine was originally manufactured for use in Case tractors, before it was stuffed into the engine compartment of the Dodge Ram in Back then the engine came packed with hp and lb-ft. None of those new-fangled semi-conductors on this engine. Just iron, steel and aluminum. It's pretty cool that this engine is self-sufficient enough to run on its own. Just keep the fuel coming and it just keeps running. Dead alternator? No problem. We'll still get home, because the engine doesn't need it.

When you do want it to stop, there's an electric solenoid that releases a rod, which disrupts the fuel supply to the engine. If that solenoid goes out, you can turn the key off, but the engine keeps running. If this does happen, you just reach into the engine compartment and push a lever down the old fashioned way and it'll stop. This is simple reliability. If the battery is completely dead, you can compression push start the truck if it's a manual transmission.

This is because the 6BT features a mechanical fuel lift pump. If the battery and alternator are completely dead in a valve or common rail engine, you're screwed. On the valve, there are no electronic fuel injectors or injection pumps. No tone ring on the crankshaft to come loose, fall off and tear up your engine.

No camshaft position sensors to fail. The 6BT does have a crankshaft position sensor, but not to worry: it's just for the tachometer. Fewer parts means less wear and less to break. With 12 valves, rather than 24, the 6BT has 24 fewer moving parts. Twelve- valves and 12 tappets are left out.

Of course, as with all Cummins B and ISB engines, the cams are driven directly with gears, not timing chains. This is part of what makes the Cummins such a reliable engine.

These pumps are very reliable and provide excellent fuel economy. However, they came from the factory operating close to maximum capacity, so it's difficult to get much over hp out of them. Second generation 6BTs came fitted with an inline Bosch P injection pump, which is a great pump. It was used for commercial applications and came de-tuned from the factory when fitted on the Ram engines.

The P pump can be built to supply enough fuel for over hp. The injectors on 6BT engines are all mechanical. They are spring-loaded and fire when the injection pump pushes fuel to each injector.

Today's engines are choked down with EPA emissions restrictions. The valve is very efficient, comparably. With lower horsepower and verses their high torque output, common fuel economy in valve trucks is mpg in the city and on the highway, depending on how the truck is set up. The 6BT will typically outlast the valve and the valve will usually outlast the common rail engines. The valve uses connecting rods that are made from two pieces of cast steel.

The cap of the rod that goes on the bottom of the crankshaft is cast separately from the rest of the rod. The cap combines with the rest of the rod and is assembled with bolts. Common rail engines use what is called a "split rod" design, where the rod and cap are cast as one piece. I Drive My Ö. What kind of engine is in a Chevy Silverado? What years did Datsun make pickup trucks?

Marc Reynolds has been a lifelong fan of pickup trucks. He currently runs a website devoted to pickup trucks and helping people find the perfect one for their needs. Table of Contents show. How can I get better gas mileage in my 12v Cummins? Why do diesels get better gas mileage? How long is a 4BT Cummins? What is the MPG on a Cummins diesel? What Cummins engine gets the best mpg?

What is the most fuel efficient diesel engine? How many miles per gallon does an 18 wheeler get? How reliable is a valve Cummins? How do you turn up a fuel pump on a 12v Cummins? How much HP can a 12v Cummins make? How much horsepower does a 12v Cummins have? What does a valve Cummins need to run? How much does it cost to do a Cummins swap? What years were the 12V Cummins?