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Contact lenses are designed for easy wear and comfort, so they should not hurt your eyes. If they do, you should talk to your eye doctor as soon as possible. Regular eye exams are an important part of preventive healthcare. Many eye and vision conditions present no obvious symptoms, so most people are unaware that a problem exists. Wondering where to get an eye exam? Start with a visit to our Find An Eye Doctor page.

Toric contact lenses are specially designed for people with astigmatism. Multifocal contact lenses are made for people with presbyopia, usually worn by those over They are designed so that the wearer can see things sharply near, intermediate and far away. Alcon has a day Platinum Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

Download our Platinum Total Satisfaction Guarantee form for more information. Additional restrictions apply. No, you cannot legally buy contact lenses in the United States without a current, valid prescription.

Contact lens wearers should continue to practice safe contact lens wear and care hygiene habits. Important safety information. See product instructions for complete wear, care and safety information.

Welcome to Alcon Contact Lenses Ready for contact lenses? Two Ways to Get Contact Lenses. Try Before You commit. Find an Eye Doctor. Solutions for Every Set of Eyes. Daily Disposable Single-use daily contact lenses. Monthly Replacement Monthly replacement contact lenses are reusable contact lenses. Astigmatism Toric contact lenses are specially designed to correct your vision if you have astigmatism.

Multifocal Multifocal contact lenses are specifically designed to help you see clearly near and far if you have presbyopia. Color Lenses Create a new look with color contact lenses. How to Care for Your Reusable Contact Lenses Taking good care of your monthly replacement contact lenses will help make sure you get a clean, comfortable experience wearing them.

Which type of contact lens is best for me? Are contact lenses comfortable? Are contact lenses affordable? Are contact lenses covered by insurance? How much do contact lenses cost? If you are looking for a monthly contact lens that beats every competitor on comfort, then Total30 is probably the lens for you. Be sure to ask your eye doctor if they have fitting kits for this new contact so you can try it for yourself. No, you cannot sleep in Total30 contacts. You need to take them out each night before you go to bed and store them in solution.

You can reuses these lenses for up to a month. They are very comfortable to wear and durable. In my opinion these contacts are a swing and a miss. Uncomfortable from the moment I put them in until I take them out. Vision varies in blurryness the whole time. Worst contacts ever. Peripheral vision is warped like looking through water. I will be returning them. Absolutely unwearable. I thought I would try these from my doctors recommendation.

Boy was that a mistake and an even bigger mistake that I bought a year supply. Just called my doctor to change back after only 3 months. I work with computers all day and they terribly dry my eyes out even with the protection of 0 prescription blue light glasses. I highly do not recommend.

These are the absolute worst. I have issues getting them out of my eyes sometimes as well. I truly hope that the mass quantity of negative reviews reaches others before buying these. One tip is with any Alcon lense, soak it in optifree for 24 hours before using, for best clarity.

Yesterday I was wearing Air optix, thinking I need to get these out of my eyes, all day. They put pressure on my eyes, for what ever reason. Precison 1 is the most comfortable, that I can wear all day forgetting they are in. They seem to put pressure on my eyes, but clarity is top notch. But I wor them all day, I found vision clarity varied not good , like a wave of water, under the lense at times.

But one more shot after full soaking over night. They are easier on my eyes than Airoptix, if have to wear all day. But neither beat precison 1 for all day comfort. I am so happy to see that I am not the only one who absolutely hates these lenses. After about 10 days they are so uncomfortable and blurry that I went through all 24 pair in less than a year.

I highly recommend you avoid them. Not a fan! Sure, why not? Big mistake. I bought a 6 month supply and it was basically torture to get through them. When I was on the last pair, I had my doctor change my prescription back to Air Optix.

Total30 made my eyes so dry and uncomfortable in the afternoons and evenings. Also, they are extremely thin and easy to tear. I tore 3 Total30 lenses in less than 6 months. Never again. Unfortunately, I have nothing good to say about these contact lenses.

Have worn Biofinity for years…eye doctor recommended Total 30 as an option. Worst contact ever…dries eyes out after 4 or 5 hours…not able to wear all day. Switched back to Biofinity…sticking with Biofinity. About 4 days in, I started having foggy vision, especially around bright lights, where it looks like a foggy rainbow. Just want to confirm what many of the other reviews are saying!

I wish I would have read these reviews before purchasing these awful contacts! They were great for the first two weeks, then one day I woke up with dry, red, swollen eyes, I waited two weeks to let my eyes heals and tried again only wearing them for 1 hour.

I woke up again with red bloodshot sore eyes! These have been comfortable for me and I can wear them fine all day. I had a terrible time with Acuvue drying my eyes out. Even Acuvue Oasis dried my eyes out.

I told my eye doc and she gave me some Total 30 and it was a huge difference right away. They were comfortable the first day and I can still wear them all day with no problem. Different strokes for different folks. Utterly garbage contacts. Please do not buy these.

They were highly recommended by my doctor saying these are better than airoptix night and day. But there is a night and day difference between the two. When you open a new pair these are awesome for a few hours. Then they are useless- blurry, foggy vision, dry eyes after these, stick to the eyeball sand when I try to take them off, makes my eye red for hours.

If I could get a refund or even an exchange with the night and day ones I would highly appreciate that. Wow, so glad I found these reviews because I thought it was just me! These contacts are terrible. They make my eyes hurt, are difficult to remove, very flimsy, and yes, dry out very quickly. I echo the sentiment of everyone. I am so disappointed because I wanted these to work so badly. By the end of the work day, and throughout, my eyes are dry and irritated.

Extremely sad, but I have nothing good to say and Ive had contacts for over 30 years. I tried these new lenses based on the recommendation of my eye Dr. I gave it 2 weeks and I brought back the year supply that I purchased and asked for my old contacts back. These lenses were impossible to remove from my eye and my vision was blurry and dry. I had to go to the eye Dr to get them out. Never again!!!! I thought I was going crazy.

Worst contact I have ever worn. Constantly have to rewet the lense, always feels dirty. Would not suggest at all. The thin fit is awesome but has gotten lost behind my eye too many times to count. Worst lense I have ever worn, DRY eyes by lunch time, Spend more money on rewetting drops than what you save for these bobos. Like previous review stated, they stick to you eyeball.

I have been wearing contacts for 30 years and have never had this problem. They are comfy, but get gritty in the evening.

They worked ok for about 2 weeks and then made my eyes extremely red, swollen and teary. Discontinued use, wore glasses and spent a week on corticosteroid eye drops. Definitely a thumbs down for these lenses! At first loved the fit. Very comfortable. Before end of day they feel dry and have to take them out. After trying multiple samples thinking something was wrong, it seems to compromise my eyes as very hard to get off, they really stick to your eye!

After 40 years of wearing contacts I never had that problem. Eyes feel blurry and irritated after wearing them to a point I just used glasses to heal.

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Complete Brake Kits. Brake Fluid. OE Replacement Rotor & Hat Assemblies. Brake Cooling. Race Rotors. WebContact lens wearers should continue to practice safe contact lens wear and care hygiene habits. Important safety information. See product instructions for complete wear, care and safety information. © Alcon WebPRECISION1 contact lenses by Alcon, formerly CIBA Vision, feature SMARTSURFACE Technology and a Class I UV blocker. With incredible comfort and surface water content .