being cognizant of
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Being cognizant of

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I always associate the use of cognizant with insincerity. A politician or professional worrier eg. It would seem the words aware or know are almost universally more appropriate than the word cognizant other than as Chaos points out those cases where the speaker means to be pretentious whether or not the speaker is cognizant — or aware?

When you say cognizant it's very specific and the listener knows exactly what you're saying, provided they know what it means and how it's being used in context etc. Aware is much more general and therefore not as specific in context.

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Learn more about Teams. Is it ever more appropriate to use "cognizant" over "aware"? Ask Question. Asked 10 years, 7 months ago. Modified 8 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 36k times. Are there situations or contexts which lend themselves more to "cognizant"? Improve this question. I use cognizant sometimes when the context involves recovering from heavy drinking — Phillip Schmidt. A well known older scientist once told a student to replace "dominance" with "preponderance" in an article because the earlier brought up an image of a lady with a whip in their mind Add a comment.

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I only wanted to add that one place where cognizant might be more appropriate is in a paper on, say, Cognitive Learning — it's possible that somewhere in that paper cognizant would be a more apt word than aware. But, for everyday speech, you summed it up great! I agree. I mentioned the technical case of the military. I don't doubt that there are other contexts where a word has a more specific meaning than the simple general sense.

I dislike using long or unusual words just because you think they make you look smart. I certainly have no objection to using long or unusual words when they really do convey a different or more precise meaning than the simple word.

The best part of this answer is the seemingly satirical opening. I would also have used "excessively augmented" instead of "over-augmented". I would consider it appropriate to situations where: You are trying to sound pretentious. A meaningful distinction exists between awareness and cognizance , i. This is, I am sure, the most common reason why people use long or obscure words. They are synonyms but I would use "cognizant" if there is any quality of cognition involved that I wanted to point out.

I've never actually heard cognizant used in an attempt to sound pretentious, though I'm sure it could be JeffSahol: 1 need not be read as horribly pejorative, incidentally.

Parody, for example, is a perfectly noble purpose for attempting to sound pretentious. Aesthetic considerations sometimes favor cognizant over aware. It may lead us to alter our attitudes to be more consistent. Study participants who complete an uninteresting task have been found to rate the task as more enjoyable if they were first asked to tell someone else it was enjoyable—an effect attributed to cognitive dissonance.

Theoretically, dissonance may contribute to a variety of changes in behavior or beliefs. Not necessarily. By bringing attention to the inconsistencies in our minds, cognitive dissonance may present an opportunity for growth. People who feel it could realize, for example, that they need to update their beliefs to reflect the truth, or change their behavior to better match the person they want to be.

Do you hate your body? You may be falling prey to an illusion. During the holidays, relatives may use toxic positivity to project an image of the perfect family. This form of group gaslighting leads to inauthentic, distant relationships. Men can be just as upset as women about sibling estrangement, but, for a variety of reasons, and they may not know how to talk about it.

Elections past or present, who runs or who ruins your next gathering — that's the holiday menu. Dissing the dysfunctional isn't difficult if you follow these tips to create calm. Reasons for failure often reveal more than reasons for success. Beware your blind spots. Jeremy E. Sherman Ph. Sometimes it's better to speak your mind.

Sometimes it's better to bite your tongue. If you think bonuses, discounts or prizes are great ways to influence action, think again. Smaller rewards not only cost less, but they can be much better at changing minds. Have you ever felt like you might be exposed for not being capable at your job, thought you were a fraud in social situations, or felt like you were in over your head? Richard Gunderman MD, Ph. Personal Perspective: Beginning to think there is no difference between truth and falsehood?

Behold Vladimir Putin. Death and estrangement can produce contradictory feelings of guilt, shame, relief, and longing—the rarely discussed grief of ambivalent loss. What is cognitive dissonance?

Created with Sketch. Who created the concept of cognitive dissonance? Is cognitive dissonance the same as hypocrisy? How common is cognitive dissonance? What are some effects of cognitive dissonance? How do you avoid cognitive dissonance? Is cognitive dissonance a bad thing? Essential Reads. Just world bias can explain tendencies for victim blaming after a disaster. Personal Perspective: People who do or say something in conflict with their principles often just move the goal posts to avoid the pain of inconsistency.

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WebTo be cognizant of something is to be aware of it or have knowledge of it. Such awareness can be called cognizance. Cognizant is almost always followed by the word . Webbeing mindful of considering minding taking into account bearing in mind paying attention to remembering being aware of noting regarding sympathizing with accepting allowing for . Webcognizant adjective cog· ni· zant ?kag-n?-z?nt: knowledgeable of something especially through personal experience also: mindful cognizant of the potential dangers Synonyms alive apprehensive aware conscious mindful sensible sentient ware witting See all .