cigna prior authorization for mri
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Cigna prior authorization for mri

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Member Guide. Find a Doctor. What is the Cigna Informed Choice Program? How does the Cigna Informed Choice Program work? While reviewing the request, we also check to see where the doctor ordered the services to be performed. We check to see if another in-network, local facility offers the same services at a lower cost. How do I benefit from the program? Information about conveniently located, in-network facilities that can perform the services you need.

Cost comparisons, so you know how much money you could save by choosing a more cost-effective facility. Help with scheduling your appointment at the lower cost facility. Information about the scan approval, including the authorization number. Frequently Asked Questions.

When will I be contacted by an Informed Choice representative? There are other in-network, local options that offer the same radiology health care services for less money. We do not contact you: If your scan is for an urgent or emergency situation.

Why should I consider the facility the Informed Choice representative recommends? How do the facilities that the representative suggests compare to the one my doctor originally selected? How can I compare costs? How will my doctor know where I go for my scan? Urgent Care vs.

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Prior Authorizations For Everybody!

Cigna Master Precertification List. Massachusetts Collaborative CT/CTA/MRI/MRA Prior Authorization Form May (version ) CT/CTA/MRI/MRA PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FORM SECTION 1. MEMBER . Cigna - Prior Authorization Procedure List: Radiology & Cardiology: MRI Chest (eg, for evaluation of hilar and mediastinal lymphadenopathy); without contrast, followed by contrast .