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Caresource new orleans

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Currently not accepting new clients. Therapy is a dynamic and empowering process that can help people truly understand and connect with themselves and the people in their lives. Everyone struggles with feeling unhappy, stressed, frustrated, etc.

I enjoy working with my clients to help them identify their own hidden strengths to overcome the obstacles to a happier and more fulfilling life.

View Email. New Orleans, LA You feel numb, disconnected, and unable to cope effectively with every day challenges. You have developed behaviors like lying, misusing substances, avoiding or procrastinating that make you feel even worse. You are successful in your professional life, but feel less confident and secure in your personal life. You are ready for something to change, not on the outside, but from deep within you.

My passion is utilizing the powerful benefits of EMDR and EMDR Intensives with clients who are tired of putting band-aids on their problems and are ready to get at the root of their problems and experience true healing.

Your mental health is a vital key to living your life to your fullest potential. My work focuses on motivating, assisting, and supporting your desired changes. The process begins by clarifying goals, identifying impediments, and developing alternative ways to move forward. As a licensed clinical social worker I treat children, adolescents, and adults in both long and short-term therapy.

My training and extensive experience is in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and depression. Other experiences include assisting patients with the management of obsessive-compulsive disorder, personal transitions, and advocacy. I'm guessing you landed on this page for a reason. And, the truth is, you've got everything it takes to create the life you deserve. Maybe you just need some inspiration. Or a swift kick in the ass.

Or somebody to help you change your thinking. I know I did. If you feel stuck and unfulfilled and wonder why nothing seems to go your way, I can relate. I struggled in every aspect of my life, failing to see the world as a place of abundance. I struggled in my career and in relationships. I struggled to set goals. Many days, I struggled just to get out of bed. Then, I decided I'd had enough. I decided it was time for a change.

With over 25years of clinical experience I provide client centered treatments to assist clients to achieve their identified goals. I utilize treatment modalities that best fit client needs. I provide treatment to children, adolescents, adults and couples. I am currently not accepting new couples clients. I believe each person holds instinctive wisdom about what they want and need for a healthy life, and that therapy is a wonderful way to bring this to the surface.

As a therapist who holds white, hetero, and cis gender privilege, I am committed to ongoing self-reflection and accountability about how this privilege may show up in our therapy, in order to make this a safe environment.

I believe that a mutually trusting relationship between client and counselor is primary to personal change. With all clients, I work to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which clients can freely explore new ideas and resolve problems. Together with my clients, I establish both short and long term goals aimed at alleviating symptoms and developing healthier lifetime patterns.

I have experienced and enjoyed working with people from many walks of life. Are you looking for a new way to deal with anxious thoughts and feelings? Do you get down on yourself and find you don't know how to pull yourself up?

Are these feelings interfering with your happiness, your relationships, your career? I can help you learn cutting edge tools to manage your stress, reduce your anxiety and live a happier, fulfilled, connected life. CBT is a goal-directed approach rooted in the "here and now". Life can be crazy right now, huh? We are facing immense unexpected life stressors that our brain and body are constantly trying to resolve.

Do you find yourself having negative ruminating thoughts? Are you feeling tense, irritable, or anxious and wonder why do I feel this way? Are you experiencing conflict in your relationships but not sure why this keeps happening or how to solve it? I can help. I believe each client has the strength and capacity for change and awareness within themselves.

My role is to provide insight, encouragement, education, evidence-based practices, and a little laughter to help each client reach their goals. My work experience has allowed me to collaborate with several different types of clients, giving me a broader view of mental health and how many of the issues we face are intertwined. My main focus is helping people get through life's problems from childhood to present day.

So many things can pull us away from feeling fully alive and from having meaningful relationships, to ourselves and to others. I enjoy helping people strengthen their belief in themselves and become less alienated. Therapy with me is about bringing awareness to behavior and thought patterns that no longer serve you.

I then support the client to identify barriers to these goals in the context of their life, mind, and body. The exploration will help you generate both self-compassion and avenues for change. Through this, clients often accomplish greater-than-anticipated changes while meeting prior needs. But - I am amazed by some of the people that step foot into my office. I am in awe of their ability to smile through pain. I feel blessed that I get to share in their strong, resilience and desire to grow and change.

I learn so much from them. Sometimes they interfere with other parts of our life. These people that I encounter on a day-to-day basis are amazing, beautiful people. To all of them I say-. Do you feel stuck? Perhaps you are experiencing relationship issues. Is there a lack of purpose, fulfillment and passion in your life?

Are you caught up in unhealthy patterns? Do you want your life to change, but are unsure how to make that happen? There are underlying reasons why you are experiencing these issues. Perhaps you are an adult child of an alcoholic or addict, or maybe you experienced trauma, abandonment, neglect or abuse. You may be in a transition time such as divorce, or a college student, or you're middle-aged with no clear vision for the next chapter of your life.

Whatever your situation, you can change your life! Connecting with a therapist can feel intimidating at first: opening up to anyone can make us feel vulnerable, especially when the things we feel we need to talk about most are also the most painful. Choosing a counselor with experience can help make this process easier. Some clients feel this is all they need; others choose to further explore their potential for growth. There are no ideal clients. I believe they are all interesting and they are all human beings; each with their own imperfections.

I have learned to listen to them carefully and help them set their own goals. Many have daily life problems such as a depression caused by loss. Others caused by stress. Some have anger issues related to the childhood experiences, others related to frustration.

Some come to me because of difficulties in a relationship. Some have difficulties with communication. All my patients want to be understood. I focus on helping individuals regain control, connection, and fulfillment in their lives. My main specialty is working with individuals who have experienced trauma and are looking for help doing the work of healing.

I take the time to understand what your needs are and collaborate with you to help you grow and meet your goals. I want to help you see noticeable changes in your life and remove barriers that are standing in your way. Therapy is your unique time to focus just on your own needs where I can help you learn effective tools to cope in life and provide a safe space to experience and alleviate heavy emotions.

View Email. Congratulations on taking steps to create a new path for yourself and thank you for visiting my profile! My goal is to provide you with a comfortable space to explore challenges, thoughts, and feelings in order to heal. My background includes working in the mental health field for over 18 years in various capacities including in homes, schools, and outpatient community mental health settings.

Have you been feeling ovewhelmed, struggled to find a reason to keep going, or motivation to face the daily responsibilities of life. In today's emotional and mental climate we all feel this way at times, but when these struggles begin to impact your every day functioning it may be time to seek someone trained to help you get past these life hurdles.

I have been working with clients for the past seven years to help them overcome the hurdles in their life and change the way they tell thier own life story. I have also helped clients deal witht he impact of trauma in thier lives and learn to grow and develop beyond that trauma. Waitlist for new clients. As an adoptive parent and former foster parent, as well as a professional in the field of foster care and adoption, I have a huge heart for the struggles of foster and adoptive parents.

I see their need for someone to talk to who understands how difficult and yet rewarding is our calling to love hurt children. I offer trauma-focused therapy to address triggers resulting from parenting children from hard places. I am a TBRI educator and can also assist with implementing effective parenting strategies.

In addition, I enjoy working with seniors as they we navigate the challenges of aging and addressing the needs of this time of life. Shannon Walsh Pre-Licensed Professional.

It is our privilege to offer our clients a uniquely better experience, individually designed to ensure a future of good health, happiness, and positive life-change that brings pride and joy to them and to their families. We stand proudly with our clients in their journeys of wellness and recovery.

It is frustrating to feel stuck. It is painful to feel alone and misunderstood, even if you are in a committed relationship. It is exhausting to fight your own thoughts. The questions that you are asking yourself right now show that you have the strength needed to heal and to grow. I enjoy working with adults from all backgrounds for a variety of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, grief, and testing services.

I have great passion for working with the geriatric population. My goal is to keep individuals as independent as possible for as long as possible. Additionally, I am a US Army combat veteran and enjoy working with military and first responders.

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