richard baxter hymns
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Richard baxter hymns carefirst olm

Richard baxter hymns

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Though regarded as a Presbyterian , he was not exclusively tied to Presbyterianism, and often seemed prepared to accept a modified Episcopalianism. He regarded all forms of church government as subservient to the true purposes of religion.

One of the first measures of the Long Parliament was to reform the clergy; with this view, a committee was appointed to receive complaints against them. Among the complainants were the inhabitants of Kidderminster. Baxter was invited to deliver a sermon before the people, and was unanimously elected as the minister of St Mary and All Saints' Church, Kidderminster.

This happened in April , when he was twenty-six. His ministry continued, with many interruptions, for about 19 years; and during that time he accomplished many reforms in Kidderminster and the neighbourhood. He formed the ministers in the country around him into an association, uniting them irrespective of their differences as Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Independents.

The Reformed Pastor was a book which Baxter published in relation to the general ministerial efforts he promoted. On the outbreak of the First English Civil War , Baxter blamed both parties and recommended the Protestation ; but Worcestershire was a Royalist stronghold, and he was exposed to annoyance and danger in Kidderminster. On 23 October , he was preaching at Alcester , during the Battle of Edgehill. He returned to Worcestershire, the county where he belonged only to be driven out again by Royalists.

He then moved to Coventry a Parliamentary stronghold. He officiated each Sunday as chaplain to the garrison, preaching a sermon each to the soldiery, and the townspeople and strangers. During these stormy years he wrote his Aphorisms of Justification , which on its appearance in , excited great controversy. Baxter's connexion with the Parliamentary army was a very characteristic one. He joined it that he might, if possible, contract the growth of sectaries in that field, and maintain the cause of constitutional government in opposition to republican tendencies of the time.

He regretted that he had not previously accepted Oliver Cromwell 's offer to become chaplain to the Ironsides. Cromwell avoided him; but Baxter, having to preach before him after he had assumed the Protectorship, chose for his subject the old topic of the divisions of the church, and in subsequent interviews argued with him about liberty of conscience , and even defended the monarchy he had subverted. This contact with Cromwell occurred when Baxter was summoned to London to assist in settling "the fundamentals of religion".

There, though debilitated by illness, he wrote the most of a major work, The Saints' Everlasting Rest On his recovery he returned to Kidderminster, where he also became a prominent political leader. His sensitive conscience led him into conflict with almost all the contending parties in state and church. During this period he was also an energetic campaigner for the establishment of a new university in Shrewsbury to serve Wales, utilising the then premises of Shrewsbury School , but lack of funding prevented success.

After the Restoration in , Baxter, who had helped to bring about that event, settled in London. He preached there until the Act of Uniformity took effect, and looked for such terms of comprehension as would have permitted the moderate dissenters with whom he acted to have remained in the Church of England.

In this hope he was sadly disappointed. The goal of comprehension was obstructed by forces on both sides: by conforming churchmen and dissenters alike. The Savoy Conference resulted in Baxter's Reformed Liturgy , though it was cast aside without consideration. Baxter continued to advocate for a comprehensive "national church", off and on, until his death. The same reputation which Baxter had obtained in the country he secured in London.

The power of his preaching was universally felt, and his capacity for business placed him at the head of his party. He had been made a king's chaplain, and was offered the Bishopric of Hereford , but he could not accept the offer without assenting to things as they were.

After his refusal, he was not allowed, even before the passing of the Act of Uniformity, to be a curate in Kidderminster, and Bishop George Morley prohibited him from preaching in the Diocese of Worcester. On 10 September , [12] Baxter married Margaret Charlton, a woman like-minded with himself. She died in From until the indulgence of , Baxter's life was constantly disturbed by persecution of one kind or another.

He retired to Acton in Middlesex , for the purpose of quiet study, but was placed in prison for keeping a conventicle. Baxter procured a habeas corpus in the court of common pleas. He was taken up for preaching in London after the licences granted in were recalled by the King. The meeting house which he had built for himself in Oxendon Street was closed to him after he had preached there only once. In , he was taken from his house; and though he was released that he might die at home, his books and goods were seized.

He had been committed to the King's Bench Prison on the charge of libelling the Church in his Paraphrase on the New Testament , and was tried before Jeffreys on this accusation. No authoritative report of the trial exists; if the partisan account on which tradition is based is accepted, Jeffreys was infuriated.

Baxter was sentenced to pay marks, to lie in prison till the money was paid, and to be bound to his good behaviour for seven years. Jeffreys is even said to have proposed he should be whipped behind a cart. Baxter was now approaching 70 years old, and remained in prison for 18 months, until the government, hoping to win his influence, remitted the fine and released him.

Baxter's health had grown even worse, yet this was the period of his greatest activity as a writer. He wrote or so separate works, including major treatises such as the Christian Directory , the Methodus Theologiae Christianae , and the Catholic Theology. His Breviate of the Life of Mrs Margaret Baxter records the virtues of his wife and tenderness which otherwise might not have been known.

The remainder of his life, from onwards, was passed peacefully. He died in London and his funeral was attended by churchmen as well as dissenters.

Richard Baxter rejected the idea of a limited atonement in favour of a universal atonement , which drew him into a long debate with Calvinist theologian John Owen. Interpreting the kingdom of God in terms of Christ as Christus Victor and Rector of all men, Baxter explained Christ's death as an act of universal redemption penal and vicarious, though substitutionary in explication , in virtue of which God has made a new covenant offering pardon and amnesty to the penitent.

Repentance and faith, being obedient to this covenant, are the conditions of salvation. Baxter insisted that the Calvinists of his day ran the danger of ignoring the conditions that came with God's new covenant.

Justification, Baxter insisted, required at least some degree of faith as the human response to the love of God. His theology made Baxter very unpopular among his contemporaries and even into the next century caused a split among the Dissenters. Jenkyn, it differed from the Calvinism on four points: [16].

Richard Baxter is remembered in the Church of England with a commemoration on 14 June. Geoffrey Nuttall , in his biography of Baxter, published in , reproduces this list, noting that one of the listed works, Fasciculus literarum , was, in fact, written by John Hinckley. In Baxter made one of the very few known allusions to Sir Thomas Browne 's discourse The Garden of Cyrus , critically declaring to newly ordained priests, You shall have more..

Max Weber , the German sociologist, made significant use of Baxter's works in developing his thesis for " The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism " , Weber takes advantage of Baxter's notion that the production of wealth by itself gives glory to God, and is bad only insofar as it gives birth to idleness and "living merrily without care.

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Puritan Richard Baxter - The Causes and Danger of Slighting Christ and His Gospel

WebRichard Baxter () was an English Puritan church leader, poet, hymnodist, theologian, and controversialist. He became one of the most influential leaders of the . WebBaxter, written for himself, and Communicated to such as are more for serious Verse than smooth, London, Printed for B. Simmons at the Three Golden Cocks at the Westend of . WebLord, it belongs not to my care Whether I die or live: To love and serve Thee is my share, And this Thy grace must give. If life be long, I will be glad That I may long obey; If short, .