baxter series on tv
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Baxter series on tv

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Menu All. Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Episode guide. Baxter is a half-hour live-action comedy that follows Baxter McNab and his friends on their journey through the unique, high-energy world that is Northern Star School of the Arts. At this sc Read all Baxter is a half-hour live-action comedy that follows Baxter McNab and his friends on their journey through the unique, high-energy world that is Northern Star School of the Arts.

At this school where the students will do anything they can to stand out, the stress of a math test At this school where the students will do anything they can to stand out, the stress of a math test is nothing compared to that dance solo, or music recital, or monologue, or - you get the i Read all.

See more at IMDbPro. Episodes Browse episodes. Top Top-rated. Photos 9. Top cast Edit. Evan Williams Baxter McNab. Holly Deveaux Emma Ruby. Kyle Mac Marcus Crombie. Brittany Bristow Tassie Symons. Addison Holley Dana McNab …. Tara Joshi Jenna Jacovitch. Jake Beale Dennis McNab. Dewshane Williams Jackal Corman. Shannon Kook Deven Phillips. Ish Morris Mr. Fellini ….

Scott Wentworth Mr. See more at IMDbPro. Episodes Browse episodes. Photos Top cast Edit. Ali Cobrin Kari Baxter Jacobs …. Roma Downey Elizabeth Baxter. Masey McLain Ashley Baxter. Josh Plasse Luke Baxter. Ted McGinley John Baxter. Jake Allyn Ryan Taylor. Cassidy Gifford Reagan Decker. Reilly Anspaugh Erin Baxter …. Emily Peterson Brooke Baxter-West.

Loren Escandon Pastor Mariana Velasquez. Alexa Sutherland Lori Callahan. Asher Morrissette Cole Baxter. Jake Ferree Sam …. Jaclyn Chantel Erika.

Betsy Moore Belinda. Brandon Hirsch Tim Jacobs. Doug Hurley Peter West. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit.

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The trials and tribulations of a year-old LAPD rookie. Night Court 9 Seasons. Introduced to NBC's Wednesday-night schedule as a mid-season replacement on January 4, , the weekly minute sitcom Night Court quickly built a large and appreciative audience, enabling the series to remain on the network for nine seasons. Harry Anderson, a comedian who had established his reputation as a smooth-talking, nimble-fingered street magician and self-styled con artist, was perfectly cast as affable, irreverent Manhattan night-court judge Harry T.

Although he came across as an iconoclastic jokester who held standard legal procedure in contempt in one episode, his verdict was based on the flip of a coin , Harry was a highly successful jurist with a well-honed sense of fair play, whose handling of the oddballs that paraded in and out of his court resulted in a gratifyingly low "return" rate and quite a few reformations.

The supporting cast included John Larroquette as Assistant DA Dan Fielding, who spent as much time trying to score with the ladies in night court as he did trying to secure convictions, and Richard Moll as bald-headed bailiff "Bull" Shannon Richard Moll , whose bark was worse than his bite, but not by much. During the series' first season, Paula Kelly was seen as legal-aid defense lawyer Liz Williams, who was alternately appalled and fascinated by Harry's unorthodox tactics; Karen Austin also appeared as court clerk Lana Wagner, who harbored a not-so-secret crush on Harry.

Both Christine and Mac remained for the rest of the series; not so with Selma Diamond as abrasive jail matron Selma Hacker, a character who lasted only until Diamond's death. The actress' replacement, Florence Halop as Florence Kleiner, likewise passed away after only a short time on the series; she in turn was replaced by Marsha Warfield as Roz Russell, a character who stayed in place until the series' own demise.

The on-again, off-again romance between Harry Stone and Christine Sullivan was definitely "off" during seasons seven and eight, when Christine was wed to undercover cop Tony Guillano Ray Abruzzo , a union which produced a baby. After Christine divorced Tony, her relationship with Harry heated up considerably, but before long the ardor had cooled. Eventually, Christine was elected to congress, whereupon she was pursued not by Harry but by the ever-libidinous Dan Fielding.

The final episode of Night Court, which set something of a record for the number of bizarre, surrealistic incidents occurring within a single half-hour, was broadcast on July 1, The White Lotus 2 Seasons. A satire following vacationing guests and employees at an exclusive Hawaiian resort over the course of a week, but with each passing day, a darker complexity emerges in these picture-perfect travelers, the hotel's cheerful staff and the idyllic locale itself.

That '70s Show 8 Seasons. A sitcom about a group of teenagers nearing on maturity in the s. They deal with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, as well as disco, leisure suits and, of course, parents. Las Vegas 5 Seasons. A hit ensemble drama about the personal and work lives of hotel-casino employees, centring on the security-surveillance team, done in a flashy, fast-paced style that befits the glitzy setting.

TV Listings. Ryan Taylor 29 episodes, Cassidy Gifford Landon Blake 20 episodes, Reilly Anspaugh Brooke Baxter-West 17 episodes, Loren Escandon Pastor Mariana Velasquez 14 episodes, Alexa Sutherland Lori Callahan 14 episodes Asher Morrissette Cole Baxter 13 episodes, Jake Ferree Erika 12 episodes, Betsy Moore Belinda 12 episodes, Brandon Hirsch Tim Jacobs 11 episodes, Doug Hurley Peter West 10 episodes, Eve Sigall Irvel 10 episodes Kay Benjamin Helen 8 episodes Trevor Donovan Ryan Taylor 7 episodes, Kai Caster Angela Manning 6 episodes, Valarie Pettiford Diane 6 episodes Damien Leake Pastor Mark 6 episodes Monica Young Cynthia Wellington 5 episodes Mason Blomberg Cole 5 episodes David Goryl Tom Decker 5 episodes Elin Alexander Joan Wheeler-Brown 4 episodes, Zack Zublena Lillian Ashford 3 episodes, Angela Leib Carol 3 episodes Darren Richardson Doug 3 episodes Tucker Smallwood Arthur 2 episodes Juli Cuccia Lu 2 episodes Aaron Anastasi Paramedic Mitchell 2 episodes Sheila Cutchlow Beth 2 episodes Victor Sarmiento Sue 2 episodes Jolie Santos-Ramsey Gabby 2 episodes Shannon Reynosa Wedding Store Clerk 2 episodes Lindsey Schuberth Maddie's Nurse 2 episodes Cheyenne Haynes Ruth 1 episode James Tang Husband 1 episode, Kimberly Connolly Wife 1 episode, Derek Anthony Coach Himes 1 episode, Addison Turner Student 1 episode, Bella Ivory Female Student 1 episode, Natalia del Riego Julia 1 episode Ashley LeConte Campbell Jeweler 1 episode Gwen Holloway Whitney 1 episode Betsy Zajko TV Anchor 1 episode Katrina Nelson Boling ER doctor 1 episode Ally Brooke Ally Artist 1 episode Cheryl Francis Harrington Kathryn Lori's Nurse 1 episode Samantha Dockser Student 2 1 episode Janab Kareem Paramedic 1 episode Carie Kawa Technician 1 episode Christie Claude Ellen 1 episode Jodie Bentley Ann Maternity Nurse 1 episode Kevin Pasdon Young Firefighter 1 episode Maria Pallas Kate 1 episode Jim Bentley Steve 1 episode Geoffrey Kennedy Jeff 1 episode Jacob Bond Phil 1 episode Alan Starzinski Young Dad 1 episode Cadence Murray Girl on swing 1 episode David Storch Student 1 episode Josie Nivar Student 1 1 episode Ali Hoffmann Young Mom 1 episode Gregory Santos Group Leader 1 episode Victor Rodriguez Jason 1 episode Lori Bird Venue Manager 1 episode Nathan Tylutki Police Officer 1 1 episode Jessica Vollhardt Wedding guest 1 episode Mike Apple Bartender 1 episode Isaac Alisma Photographer 1 episode Luis Antonius Canete Student 3 1 episode Tiffany Carr Pope III Joshua Fernberg Best boy Grip 12 episodes Leonidas Jaramillo Van Treeck Getting Started Contributor Zone ».

Edit page. Top Gap. See more gaps ». Add episode. Create a list ». See all related lists ». Share this page:. Clear your history. Elizabeth Baxter 32 episodes, Ashley Baxter 32 episodes,