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To browse current career opportunities at our hospitals, medical offices and corporate offices, use the advanced search option above. Namespaces Article Talk. Charles Medical Center — Madras St. Adventist Health is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to apply for any position s avventist interest. Walla Walla University School of Nursing. In the mids it was determined that expansion and relocation was again necessary.

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David yen juniper networks

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He is arrested by Hertfordshire police over the allegation but no further action is taken after the woman withdraws the complaint. He is arrested, charged and suspended by the Met. October October The publicity prompts another 12 women to come forward and make allegations against Carrick.

His pay is stopped by the Met. David Carrick: timeline of key events in life of serial rapist. Police officer committed more than 71 serious sexual offences over two decades Elite Metropolitan police officer David Carrick revealed as serial rapist. David Carrick, who joined the Met in Photograph: Exclusive handout. Read more. Topics UK news news. Reuse this content. More on this story. No Met officers facing disciplinary inquiry over David Carrick.

The disrespect with which Moyes treated Sunderland, acting like the club was beneath him from day one and declaring a hopeless relegation battle after just two games. The way he spoke down to supporters after each and every one of his failures.

The way he prostrated my football club before John Terry and offered it up as part of his retirement nonsense at Stamford Bridge. The way he took a really likable and talented bunch of players that Sam Allardyce had assembled and stopped managing them to the point where they were useless. Even after he left he annoyed me, always seemingly rallying his friends in the media to paint him as the victim of Sunderland by airbrushing it from his career like he was so up against it that it didn't matter.

The way he always spoke about Sunderland, and acted towards the club, was that he took over a lost cause and everyone should be grateful to the mighty David Moyes for doing it a favour.

However, the reality is that Moyes took over a good Sunderland side left by Sam Allardyce and dismantled and discarded it piece by piece until there was nothing left to salvage - all inside a year. There are a lot of people who have done wrong by Sunderland in my lifetime but none, in my opinion at least, as intentionally disrespectfully as David Moyes.

If he is about to finally get found out at West Ham, then it's not before time. Sign In.

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Pastrnak scored the first goal in the first period and added another during a 4-on-3 power play to start the third to help Boston improve to at home this season. Carter Hart stopped 14 shots before he was replaced midway through the second period by Samuel Ersson, who made nine saves the rest of the way.

The Flyers lost for just the second time in nine games. Pastrnak opened the scoring five minutes in when he forced a turnover in the Philadelphia zone and headed for the crease, where he deflected a pass from Zacha into the net. With five minutes left in the period, Zacha seemed to put his entire body into a slapshot that made it and knocked him from his skates. Brad Marchand backhanded in a rebound four minutes into the second to give Boston a lead. Pastrnak made it with a one-kneed, one-timer early in the third and then Matt Grzelcyk gave Boston a lead with 12 minutes left.

Krejci received a standing ovation — and the traditional stick-taps from both teams — when the public address system announced after his first shift that he had played in his 1,th NHL game. Drafted by Boston in , Krejci spent the first 15 years of his pro career with the Bruins before leaving last season to play in his native Czechia. He is the third player on the roster to reach the 1,game milestone, joining Bergeron and Nick Foligno. We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community.

The contrapposto is emphasized by the turn of the head to the left, and by the contrasting positions of the arms. Michelangelo's David has become one of the most recognized works of Renaissance sculpture; a symbol of strength and youthful beauty. The colossal size of the statue alone impressed Michelangelo's contemporaries. Vasari described it as "certainly a miracle that of Michelangelo, to restore to life one who was dead," and then listed all of the largest and most grand of the ancient statues that he had ever seen, concluding that Michelangelo's work surpassed "all ancient and modern statues, whether Greek or Latin, that have ever existed.

The proportions of the David are atypical of Michelangelo's work; the figure has an unusually large head and hands particularly apparent in the right hand. The small size of the genitals, though, is in line with his other works and with Renaissance conventions in general, perhaps referencing the ancient Greek ideal of pre-pubescent male nudity.

These enlargements may be due to the fact that the statue was originally intended to be placed on the cathedral roofline, where the important parts of the sculpture may have been accentuated in order to be visible from below. The statue is unusually slender front to back in comparison to its height, which may be a result of the work done on the block before Michelangelo began carving it. It is possible that the David was conceived as a political statue before Michelangelo began to work on it.

By placing Michelangelo's statue in the same general location, the Florentine authorities ensured that David would be seen as a political parallel as well as an artistic response to that earlier work.

These political overtones led to the statue being attacked twice in its early days. Protesters pelted it with stones the year it debuted, and, in , an anti-Medici riot resulted in its left arm being broken into three pieces. Commentators have noted the presence of foreskin on David 's penis, which is at odds with the Judaic practice of circumcision , but is consistent with the conventions of Renaissance art.

In , the foot of the statue was damaged by a man with a hammer. The marble in question contains many microscopic holes that cause it to deteriorate faster than other marbles. Because of the marble's degradation, from to the statue was given its first major cleaning since Some experts opposed the use of water to clean the statue, fearing further deterioration.

Under the direction of Franca Falleti, senior restorers Monica Eichmann and Cinzia Parnigoni undertook the job of restoring the statue. In , plans were proposed to insulate the statue from the vibration of tourists' footsteps at Florence's Galleria dell'Accademia, to prevent damage to the marble.

David has stood on display at Florence's Galleria dell'Accademia since In addition to the full-sized replica occupying the spot of the original in front of the Palazzo Vecchio , a bronze version overlooks Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo. The plaster cast of David at the Victoria and Albert Museum has a detachable plaster fig leaf which is displayed nearby.

Legend claims that the fig leaf was created in response to Queen Victoria 's shock upon first viewing the statue's nudity, and was hung on the figure prior to royal visits, using two strategically placed hooks. David has often been reproduced, [34] in plaster and imitation marble fibreglass, signifying an attempt to lend an atmosphere of culture even in some unlikely settings such as beach resorts, gambling casinos and model railroads. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Renaissance statue in Florence, Italy. The original David outside the Palazzo Vecchio, before it was moved in David at its current location in the Galleria dell'Accademia. A replica of David now stands outside the Palazzo Vecchio. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. David ' s eyes look towards Rome. David 's right hand. Main article: Replicas of Michelangelo's David. The accurate height was only determined in —99 when a team from Stanford University went to Florence to try out a project on digitally imaging large 3D objects by photographing sculptures by Michelangelo and found that the sculpture was taller than any of the sources had indicated.

The work shall be completed within the period and term of two years next ensuing, beginning from the first day of September next ensuing, with a salary and payment together in joint assembly within the hall of the said of six broad florins of gold in gold for every month. And for all other works that shall be required about the said building edificium the said Overseers bind themselves to supply and provide both men and scaffolding from their office and all else that may be necessary.

When the said work and the said male figure of marble shall be finished, then the Consuls and Overseers who shall at that time be in authority shall judge whether it merits a higher reward, being guided therein by the dictates of their own consciences.

Gardner's Art Through the Ages 9th ed. ISBN The World of Michelangelo: — Time-Life Books. See a CBS news report of 8 March Journal of Cultural Heritage. Retrieved on Archived from the original on 25 May Retrieved 24 July The New York Times. Retrieved 1 September The Daily Telegraph London. Archived from the original on JPG — Wikimedia Commons". Retrieved Rosanna Bettarini and Paola Barocchi, Florence, —87, 6: I Tatti Studies. J R Soc Med. PMC PMID August , 61— BBC News.

Retrieved 19 September Victoria and Albert Museum. Retrieved 29 May You can see it well enough for educational purposes in reproduction," asserted E. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Michelangelo's David.

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David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture, created in marble between 15by the Italian artist Michelangelo. David is a metre (17 ft 0 in) marble statue of the Biblical figure David, a favoured subject in the art of Florence.. David was originally commissioned as one of a series of statues of prophets to be positioned along the roofline of the east end of . David (/ ?de?v?d /; Hebrew: ???????, Modern: David, Tiberian: Dawi?, "beloved one") [b] [6] was, according to the Hebrew Bible, the third king of the United Kingdom of Israel. [7] [8] In the Books of Samuel, he is described as a young shepherd and harpist who gains fame by slaying Goliath, a champion of the Philistines, in. Aug 8,  · The name has special meaning in Jewish culture, with the Star of David being the symbol of Judaism. Origin: The name David comes from the Hebrew word dod (beloved). David was the second king of Israel. Gender: David is historically used as a boy name. Though not as popular, feminine variations of the name include Daveigh, Davetta, and Davida.